Zimmerman: I Need to Correct the Record and Apologize

August 21, 2012

For the record, I was mistaken when I said Trayvon died instantly, he would have lost consciousness immediately and it would have been impossible for him to speak.

I believed I was speaking the truth when I said that and I was mistaken.

Patricia contacted Rene Stutzman of the Orlando Sentinel and asked her to follow-up on an interview she had with Dr. William Anderson, a pathologist, regarding whether Trayvon Martin would have been capable of speaking after sustaining the gunshot wound to his heart that also collapsed both lungs.

This was her response:

“I followed up today with Dr. William Anderson, one of the pathologists quoted in the story.

He says that a penetrating gunshot wound to the chest, such as Trayvon suffered, results in the gradual deflation of the lungs. They do not, he said, collapse like a balloon that’s been popped.

Trayvon could have spoken after the shooting for a few seconds or a bit longer, he said.

[Emphasis supplied]

Now that we know Trayvon could have spoken after the shooting for a few seconds or a bit longer, let’s remove the focus of the debate from me and what I said back to where it belongs. That is, was George Zimmerman the person who uttered the horrific terrified scream that abruptly ended with a gunshot?

I say it was not George Zimmerman because, according to him, he did not know if the shot hit or missed Trayvon Martin, so he kept screaming for help after the shot. Yet, his screams for help are not audible on the recording to which we have listened. Also, I have listened to that recording many times and I do not believe that George Zimmerman’s voice, as recorded on the exemplar, matches the voice of the person screaming in the background of the 911 recording. I do not believe his voice is even in the same ballpark and I do not believe the jury will have any difficulty deciding that Trayvon Martin is the person screaming.

I think Dr. Anderson’s statement hurts Zimmerman because it means Trayvon Martin died in terror and unimaginable suffering as he consciously suffocated on his own blood.

Even worse, Zimmerman straddled him sitting on his back adding to his pain and suffering and he specifically told W13 not to call 911.

Why it’s almost as if he wanted to make certain Trayvon Martin was dead before the police arrived because as we all know, dead men tell no tales.

That is not likely to impress a jury favorably.

In fact, I would not be surprised if they regarded that as convincing evidence of a depraved mind and convicted George Zimmerman of the crime of murder in the second degree virtually assuring a life sentence, instead of “merely” sentencing him to 25 years.

Thanks to Patricia for pursuing this issue with Rene Stutzman at the Orlando Sentinel and reporting back to us. Thanks also to Pliaja for pressing me for an answer.

We all need to do our best to ascertain the facts, let them speak for themselves, and beware of attempting to force square pegs into round holes. That certainly applies to me just as it does to everyone else.


Carry on.

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