Waste Land (2010 Oscar-nominated documentary film)

May 16, 2014

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Waste Land:

Waste Land is the uplifting story of artist Vik Muniz who travels to the world’s largest landfill, Jardim Gramacho outside Rio de Janeiro, to collaborate with a lively group of catadores, or pickers of recyclable materials, who find a way to the most prestigious auction house in London via the surprising transformation of refuse into contemporary art. The catadores work in a co-operative founded and led by Sebastião Carlos Dos Santos, the ACAMJG, or Association of Pickers of Jardim Gramacho, who dreamed of improving life for his community. The money created by the selling of the artworks was given back to the catadores and the ACAMJG, as well as the prize money from the film awards, in order to help the catadores and their community.

Director: Lucy Walker
Producers: Angus Aynsley and Hank Levine
Executive producer: Fernando Meirelles
Co-directors: João Jardim (pt) and Karen Harley
Co-producer: Peter Martin
Photographer: Dudu Miranda
Music: Moby, a friend and frequent collaborator of the director.

On the full-length documentary, you can turn on the subtitles. Click the box marked “CC” at the lower right hand side of the YouTube video.

note-After 34 years of operation, Jardim Gramacho Landfill closed in June, 2012.

The Feynman Series – Beauty and Think Like a Martian

April 26, 2014

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The Feynman Series is a collection of videos narrated by physicist Richard Feynman and featuring footage from NASA, BBC Planet Earth, Microcosmos, Chronos, and others. The creator is Reid Gower, who also made The Sagan Series.

The Feynman Series: Beauty

MUSIC : Goldmund – Threnody
NARRATION: Richard Feynman – The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
BBC Planet Earth
BBC Life
BBC The Grand Rift
BBC The Secret Life Of Chaos
BBC The South Pacific

The Feynman Series- Think Like a Martian

Music: Philip Glass – Invitation
Narration: Richard Feynman

Think Like a Martian is Reid Gower’s most recent addition to The Feynman Series. To view other segments in the series, and also, to see The Sagan Series, please visit Reid Gower’s YouTube channel.

The Deadly Cost of Fashion-NYT Op-Doc: Rana Plaza Collapse (VIDEO)

April 25, 2014

Read the New York Times article here.

A photojournalist who covered last year’s deadly collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh draws connections to New York from clothing labels he found in the rubble. by Nathan Fitch and Ismail Ferdous

On April 24, 2013, Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, in the garment district collapsed, killing more than 1100 and injuring 2500.

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The Exit Room (short film)

April 17, 2014

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This is a powerful film, and I was only about a minute or so into it, when I realized that it reminded me very much of a film that I saw in the early 1970s. I will explain at the end of this post. Here is what Vimeo includes about The Exit Room:

Starring: Christopher Abbott
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2013 @ Tribeca Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, Aruba International Film Festival and many more.
SYNOPSIS: It is 2021, and imprisoned journalist Joseph Michaels faces government execution as he contemplates a desperate escape attempt in order to return to his wife and new-born in The Exit Room.
Director: Todd Wiseman Jr.
Producer: Ariel Elia
Cinematographer: Milos S. Silber
Co-Producer: Tyler Ben-Amotz
Editor: Brian Denny

The film that I saw in the early 1970s is called An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, and as it turns out, this film is based on that excellent film:

Tokyo Reverse

April 12, 2014

Watch 28-year-old artist and photographer Ludovic Zuili, who spent more than nine hours walking backwards through Tokyo, while friend Simon Bouisson captured him on film…then played it in reverse.

The nine-hour version that aired on TV in France last month is here.

We found this so captivating, that after watching the surreal clip several times, I actually opened the 9-hour clip in a separate tab.

There is a fun part in the clip, where a group of schoolgirls, looks like, become interested, and follow him, also walking backwards for a while.

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Good Grief (short film)

April 11, 2014

Good Grief is a stop-motion animation documentary short film, featuring five real people who share their experiences about loss, and the lessons they have learned.

Made in 2012, Good Grief has screened at 19 festivals worldwide and won numerous awards. Inspired by the loss of her own mother and the grief that ensued, director Fiona Dalwood went about finding out how the experience of loss transforms us. With a shoestring budget and months of hard work, she made Good Grief, a beautiful short film that has been described as “adorable and heartfelt”. Accessible to children and adults alike, it is being used in educational programs as a starting point to discuss the process of grief and what some of the positive outcomes of grief can be.

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The Man Who Never Cried (short film)

December 25, 2013

Porcelain Unicorn and The Butterfly Circus

July 4, 2013

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Good morning! Wishing everyone a relaxing and safe Fourth. If you live in a town with spectacular fireworks, I enjoy hearing about that.

While Fred works on his post for today, I will put up two beautiful and short inspirational films. Porcelain Unicorn has less than ten words, and is one of the best investments of three minutes I have ever seen.

By reader request this morning, I am re-posting the beautiful short film called The Butterfly Circus, in case you missed it:

Finally, while we are on the topic of very touching film, this is actually a 49-second ad, that was also award-winning:

I love films and film clips as you know, and for inspiration, these are a few of my favorites.

Today’s post from Fred? May have to do with whether or not GZ will testify. I am and have been wondering what he has to gain, or lose, by testifying, and will be interested in reading the discussion.

The Butterfly Circus [short film HD]

June 22, 2013

by Crane-Station with note: I mentioned this short and inspirational film, in our discussions this past week. The film is well worth the 22 minutes. Bring tissues!

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