CNN puff piece regarding letters to Zimmerman is bullshit

March 1, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

Vivian Kuo of CNN reports today:

“Please shoot yourself, you racist piece of sh-t,” read the body of another e-mail. “You killed an unarmed teen that you stalked.”

And several dictated the same, succinct line: “Hope you die in prison.”

These venom-drenched words are just a smattering of at least 400 e-mails and letters, all sent to George Zimmerman over the past 10 months.

Zimmerman, 29, has yet to read the vast majority of these letters; they are retained by his legal counsel in Orlando. His attorneys provided them exclusively to CNN, omitting the senders’ names to protect their identities.

The majority are either neutral or compassionate, offering moral support and financial contributions to help with Zimmerman’s mounting bills. The supportive letters often blame the media for his woes and offer encouragement for the road ahead.

This worthless piece of crap that supposedly passes for balanced journalism is just a summary of letters and emails sent to the defendant. They contain nothing new or relevant to the case. Yet they are reported as news.

In fact they serve as nothing more than an excuse for CNN to repeat the false narrative that the truth of what happened remains unknown.

At first, it seemed fairly black and white: Trayvon, an unarmed 17-year-old, was walking to the home of his father’s fiancee after a trip to the store for candy and tea when Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman, saw him and called Sanford police’s nonemergency line.

Zimmerman described Martin as a “suspicious guy.” The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow the teen — whether he did is still in dispute — but the two later encountered each other. Zimmerman fired his weapon, and a bullet to Martin’s chest ended the youngster’s life.

Police would later explain that the dispatcher’s imperative was “not a lawful order that Mr. Zimmerman would be required to follow.”

It would turn out to be a more complicated incident altogether, one whose details have yet to emerge completely.

I have news for Kuo and CNN.

There is no mystery. The defendant followed, lost, hunted, located, confronted, and detained a 17-year-old Black kid armed with Skittles and tea while walking home and talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone.

Whether the dispatcher had any authority to order the defendant not to follow Trayvon is irrelevant. The defendant’s intent is relevant, however, and his conduct ignoring the dispatcher’s warning considered together with his lamentation that “these assholes, they always get away,” tells us what he intended to do and what he proceeded to do.

There is no evidence that Trayvon struck the defendant in the nose or that he slammed the defendant’s head repeatedly into a concrete sidewalk. Trayvon had no bruises to his hands or skinned knuckles and not a trace of Zimmerman’s blood or DNA on his fingernail cuttings or on the lower sleeves of the two sweatshirts he was wearing.

The defendant can be heard cursing Trayvon in the background of a 911 call as Trayvon shouts “No.” That is followed by the death shriek that ends with the gunshot, precisely.

Zimmerman’s vital signs were all normal 15 minutes after the shooting and he declined transport to a hospital. His minor injuries were mere scrapes that required no stitches or bandages and most likely were sustained from running face-first in the dark into the branches of a tree and falling down.

The defendant told Hannity that the only thing he feared was having a police officer shoot him if he saw him with his gun in his hand.

The defendant is entitled to the presumption of innocence at trial and the jury will be so instructed, but there is no mystery about the evidence and what it will prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Articles like this one, which ignore the overwhelming evidence of guilt, presumably because there is no balanced way to report the truth, are at best misleading and at worst deceitful.

This is not journalism.

This is bullshit.

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