Theodore Wafer pretrial motions hearing continues tomorrow

June 25, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Good evening:

Many thanks to all for your birthday wishes.

Here’s hoping all of our lives improve and we start to see some justice coming out of our courts.

The pretrial motions hearing continues tomorrow in the Theodore Wafer case. The judge will be taking up the defense motions to slime Renisha McBride and introduce evidence about the alleged changing character of the neighborhood.

I have written recently about these motions and the Wafer case in general in the following articles:

Theodore Wafer did not fear death or serious injury when he killed Renisha McBride

Defense seeks permission to slime dead victim in Theodore Wafer case

The evidence the defense seeks to introduce is not admissible. Let’s see if the judge agrees with me.

I hope the hearing will be televised and live streamed, but it wasn’t last week.

I believe it will start at 9 am EDT.

Unfortunately, Crane and I have doctor’s appointments that will cause us to miss the hearing. After we return home and figure out what happened, I will put up a post discussing it.

Don’t forget that Oscar Pistorius will be back in court in Pretoria, South Africa on Monday morning, June 30th.

Pretoria is 6 hours ahead of New York, so the hearing will start at 3:30 am EDT, assuming a 9:30 am start in Pretoria.

I will put up a post this weekend updating everyone.

Until tomorrow then.


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