Six cowardly Republican governors refuse to take Syrian refugees

November 16, 2015

The Islamic State (IS) speaks and acts for itself, not for the rest of Islam which consists of 1.6 billion mostly peaceful Muslims.

I oppose the cowardly reactions of Republican governors Greg Abbott (Texas), Robert Bentley (Alabama), Asa Hutchinson (Arkansas), Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Mike Pence (Indiana) and Rick Snyder (Michigan) who have closed their borders to refugees from war torn Syria because they fear some members of the Islamic State might conceal themselves in the flood of refugees, settle within their borders, blow stuff up and kill people. These six governors announced their decisions in the past two days in response to President Obama’s decision to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees.

CNBC News is reporting today,

Statements by the governors came as Obama addressed the G-20 meeting in Turkey. He called suggestions from political leaders that a religious test be applied to refugees seeking asylum in the U.S., “shameful.”

“That’s not American,” he said. “That’s not who we are. We do not have religious tests to our compassion.”

Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, isn’t helping. He too is beating the fear drum. Calling them a “Trojan Horse,” he promised to deport all Syrian refugees, if elected.

One reason why their knees are knocking is the discovery of a Syrian passport near the body of a suicide bomber in Paris. The Guardian is reporting,

One of the most chilling details from the Paris attacks is that the passport of a Syrian refugee was found on or near the body of a dead suicide bomber. The Greek government has subsequently said that someone using the passport was among the refugees who landed in the Greek islands in early October, and the Serbian government says the passport was again used to cross its southern border a few days later.

This development has increased fears of Isis infiltrators among the thousands of desperate refugees arriving in Europe. Allies of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, have voiced security concerns over her open-door policy and one, the Bavarian finance minister Markus Söder, told a German newspaper: “The days of uncontrolled immigration and illegal entry can’t continue just like that. Paris changes everything.”

The Guardian mentions several reasons why freaking out is unwarranted. The passport may have been planted because,

[O]n at least 12 occasions, Isis has actually criticised refugees for fleeing to Europe. “For those who want to blame the attacks on Paris on refugees, you might want to get your facts straight,” wrote Aaron Zelin, an analyst of jihad, in an online commentary about the 12 outbursts. “The reality is, [Isis] loathes that individuals are fleeing Syria for Europe. It undermines [Isis’s] message that its self-styled caliphate is a refuge.” It’s therefore unlikely that the vast majority of Syrians fleeing to Europe are Isis supporters, since their actions are in obvious contravention of the group’s creed.

Even if one of the bombers did conceal himself in the flood of refugees, which seems unlikely, the appropriate response is to develop better screening procedures. If everyone were to ban Syrian refugees, more than 4 million people would perish.

That is not acceptable.

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