What did McCulloch know and when did he know it

December 20, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

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What did Robert McCulloch know and when did he know it?

Monica Davey of the New York Times reports that McCulloch admitted during a radio interview yesterday,

Mr. McCulloch said the grand jury was able to sort out whose testimony to believe, and acknowledged that witnesses he did not believe to be truthful had come before the jurors. Mr. McCulloch said that one female witness, who provided testimony that appeared to bolster Officer Wilson’s account of events, “clearly wasn’t present” when the shooting occurred.

In her testimony, the woman whom Mr. McCullough appeared to cite, acknowledged a history of feelings that “others consider to be racist,” gave various reasons for being near the shooting, and described extensive memory problems from a head injury in a car crash. Asked whether he believed the grand jury had given credence to the woman’s testimony, Mr. McCulloch said, “none whatsoever,” and added that the grand jury also heard from other witnesses whose testimony was also in doubt. “It went both directions,” he said.

There is a huge difference between knowing Sandra McElroy committed perjury when she testified before the grand jury and doubting the credibility of other witnesses who also testified.

I am going to be very specific. No ethical prosecutor would ever consider putting a witness before the grand jury if they knew the witness was going to lie. Furthermore, an ethical prosecutor, who found out that a major witness had committed perjury, would inform the grand jury that the witness had lied and instruct them to disregard her testimony. If the ethical prosecutor discovered that the witness had lied after the grand jury decided not to indict, he would summon a new grand jury and present the case to them without the lying witness.

McCulloch’s excuse that falsehoods went both ways basically cancelling each other out, therefore, no harm no foul is unacceptable. McElroy is the only witness who backed up every material claim Darren Wilson made. Her influence is baked into the grand jury’s decision not to charge Wilson and cannot be carved out by claiming other witnesses lied. He does not know that. He believes it because he wants to believe it and he wants to believe it because Darren Wilson is a member of his tribe. They are on the same team. Wilson is a white cop and he’s a white prosecutor who works with white cops disproportionally prosecuting black defendants.

The foul stink of racist driven corruption is suffocating.

Governor Nixon needs to appoint a special prosecutor immediately.

Police Gone Wild: Domestic Terrorist Edition [2014 Full Documentary]

October 19, 2014

hat tip bettykath. This video contains graphic material. posted by Crane-Station


Cop calls dog over to him then shoots it

October 19, 2014

by Crane-Station


This tail-wagging family pet was apparently seven months old and his name was Maximus. The police department has admitted that the video clip is legit.


The information that was posted to the YouTube video:

Published on Oct 17, 2014

This POS cop called a seemingly playful dog over to him and guns it down. The “Law enforcement officer” is from Cleburne PD. Please feel free to post their info in the comments, I will update when I have more info!

Update 1: In the report the officer claims that the dog was aggressive and coming at him

Update 2: several sources are saying that the perp is Officer Kevin Lynn Dupre, Cleburne TX PD.

Update 3: Petition against cop http://www.thepetitionsite.com/472/96…


If you scratch a police department like this, you will likely find an asshat underneath, who is trying to spin the video some other way, and come up with an excuse. Here is Cleburne PD trying to come up with an excuse, on their Facebook page:


The City is obviously concerned about the video showing an officer shooting a dog. As is often the case, the short video does not tell the whole story. The officer was responding to a 911 call for assistance. Three dogs had pinned some residents in a vehicle. One dog was secured without incident before the shooting. The officer was attempting to secure the other dogs until animal control arrived when one dog became aggressive.The City of Cleburne takes the safety of our residents, their pets, and our officers seriously. This incident is currently under review. The review will include interviews with witnesses and review of department policies. Once the review is concluded, any actions that may be warranted will be handled swiftly and appropriately.The Cleburne Police Department is seeking the public’s help if anyone observed this incident, please contact the Professional Standards Unit at 817.556.8894.
There is also a Justice 4 Maximus Facebook page. On that page, there are many comments, but here is one from a police officer in Pennsylvania. If you click on the link, it will take you to the Facebook page, where there are updates and links.

Justice 4 Maximus

This was posted only a few minuets ago by a Pennsylvania police officer. I asked him and he said it was OK to repost his comments.FredRick James
1 hr ·
First off I am a Police officer, a State Constable in Pennsylvania….This video if true is VERY appalling. I happen to also be a dog lover…3 dogs…2 pits and a rat terrier who are the nicest dogs, especially around children. I deal with dogs numerous times daily and unless I am physically being attacked there are other ways to handle them. In this case it appears that isn’t so..the dog is called over to be executed. If this turns out to be true he needs to be fired and criminally charged. I may take some flak from fellow law enforcement officers here but I want to make myself clear that if this is true and this dog executed for no reason I want something done to this officer!
I think this officer should have been fired already. What do you think about this incident and other incidents, where friendly family pets are killed by cops like this one?

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