82% oppose the war in Afghanistan

December 30, 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Russia Today is reporting the results of the latest CNN/ORC poll measuring support and opposition to the war in Afghanistan.

82% oppose the war

17% support it.

There is less support for this war than there was for the war in Vietnam.

57% believe we are losing the war in Afghanistan and a majority of Americans want our military to withdraw before the deadline in December, 2014.

Meanwhile, our government is attempting to negotiate an agreement with Afghanistan to extend the presence of our military beyond December, 2014.

Our government appears to be seriously out of step with we the people on this issue and other related issues, such as the NSA bulk collection of telephony metadata and our use of drones to fight the war.

Support for social security and opposition to cutbacks is around 84% for Republicans as well as Democrats and Independents.

A majority of Americans believe unemployment, underemployment and disparity of wealth are our most important and pressing issues. Austerity to reduce government debt has little supported.

Last week most people agreed that this Congress is the worst one we have ever had.

In a democracy the government should listen to the people and govern in accord with the views of the majority. A government that ignores what the people want will not last long.

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