Sixth day of trial ends in Zimmerman case

July 1, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

The sixth day of trial began on a high note for the prosecution with Dr. Hirotaka Nakasone from the FBI testifying that the best chance to identify the source of the scream is by a person familiar with the person’s scream under similar circumstances or extremely stressful circumstances.

Matters proceeded downhill from there with Sanford Police Department Investigator Chris Serino admitting during cross examination by Mark O’Mara that he believed the defendant was telling the truth when he claimed to have killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense.

Generally speaking a police officer’s opinion regarding whether a suspect is telling the truth, is not admissible and I thought Judge Nelson had granted the State’s motion in limine to prevent what happened today.

This trial is a long way from over, but the State’s case is in trouble if Bernie de la Rionda does not have an effective counter move to what Chris Serino said.

I believe the answer will come from the forensics, which Serino likely did not know at the time he reached that opinion.

Trial resumes tomorrow at 9 am EDT with the continuing cross examination of Chris Serino by Mark O’Mara.

Watch the livestream and join us for the liveblog.

This is getting very interesting.


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