Who was Charles Carter and why did Vincent Smith shoot him

January 15, 2016

Vincent Smith, 62, shot and killed Charles Carter, 44, on Monday evening during an argument at Smith’s residence in Pottsboro, Texas. He told investigators from the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department that he shot Carter between the eyes in self-defense with a backup gun after Carter snatched his gun from his holster and threatened him. Alcohol was involved.

According to Mandy Sulzer, Carter’s girlfriend, The two men were friends who met when Smith rescued them from homelessness last month after Carter lost his job. Smith spent $1,000 to reaquire Carter’s possessions from a pawn shop and invited Carter and Sulzer to move into a motor home on his property.

Sulzer told the Herald Democrat that the relationship entered troubled waters about a week ago.

She said a possible reason why tensions were running high was due to control over a Facebook page. Both men were founders of “Paul Revere 2016: Final March to Restore America,” a far-right, anti-corruption march on Washington, D.C. planned for June. The march has the “final aim at removing the corrupt leadership that has taken over our beloved country and ousted her God and constitution,” Smith wrote on the organization’s website. Smith wrote the march would start on the West Coast and gain momentum as it continued cross-country until reaching the final destination of the District of Columbia.

Sulser was not present when the shooting took place Monday evening. She had left the property that morning to be with her family in Tyler. She said the night before, Smith had told her and Mr. Carter that they needed to leave.

“I wasn’t in the house whenever he (Smith) told him (Mr. Carter to leave), I was outside in the RV getting ready for bed, and Charles came in and told me that Vincent told him that we had to leave, that we couldn’t be there anymore,” Sulser said. “He was tired of us being there. He couldn’t be around Charles anymore and we had to go.”

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Department has not decided whether to charge Smith.

Would Charles Carter be alive today, if he and Vincent Smith were sober Monday night?

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