Are we on the brink of a civil rights revolution

November 30, 2014

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good morning:

I believe we are on the brink of a civil rights revolution.

Raul Reyes is an attorney and a member of the USA Board of Contributors. In his article published in the CNN International Edition, he said,

The grand jury’s decision has implications far beyond Ferguson. Gallup polling has found that African-Americans have less confidence in the criminal justice system than white Americans, while a W.W. Kellogg Foundation report found that 68% of Latinos report being worried about police brutality. Wilson walking free will likely reinforce the views among communities of color that our justice system is unfair. And when significant segments of our population lose faith in our justice system, our democracy is weakened.

Jay Daniels, a 27-yar-old financial consultant from Charlotte who went to Ferguson to join thew protests said in USA Today,

“Some people are going to have to die for the cause,” the financial consultant said. “It’s sad to say, but this is the new civil rights movement for our generation, and there will be casualties and there should be bloodshed.”

Do you all think we are on the brink of a civil rights revolution?

BTW, Darren Wilson has resigned effective immediately.

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