Featuring: Part III of LLMPapa’s Cardboard and Bullshit

March 3, 2013

LLMPapa follows his gripping Part II yesterday with Part III of Cardboard and Bullshit regarding the kill shot.

Cain’t hardly wait for Part IV.

FOX News pimps for defendant in Trayvon Martin murder case

February 28, 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The beat goes on as Mark O’Mara continues to shamelessly pimp for his client.

Edmund DeMarche of Fox News writes:

George Zimmerman, the Florida man who fatally shot an unarmed Florida teenager last year, wears a disguise and a bulletproof vest whenever he is in public, his attorney said.

“He never feels safe,” Mark O’Mara, his lawyer, told FoxNews.com. “His security has been cut and he stays inside his secure location all day long due to threats.”

As a result of the confinement, Zimmerman’s health has taken a turn for the worse, O’Mara said. He gained about 100 pounds in six months and is stressed about the threats and his upcoming murder trial, which is set to begin on June 10.

“If I was confined to four rooms all day I bet I’d gain a lot of weight, too,” O’Mara said.

Next time you see the Michelin Man wearing sunglasses while standing in line at the Donut Shop, be sure to tap him on the shoulder and ask him for his autograph. Maybe he will give it to you for free, although I would not bet the ranch.

On second thought, we don’t need you to do that because this Afro Peruvian descendant of African kings might pull out a gun and blow away your heart.

Now prepare yourself for this fine example of journalism at its finest:

Last year, Zimmerman spotted Trayvon Martin walking through his neighborhood, a gated community, in Sanford, Fla. Martin was walking back to a house he was staying at in the community after a trip to a convenience store.

Zimmerman started to follow him because he thought he looked suspicious. Despite a police dispatcher telling him “you don’t have to do that,” Zimmerman got out of his truck to pursue Martin.

They got into a fight and Martin was shot.

You gotta love that integrity.

But wait, there’s more:

O’Mara said he talks with Zimmerman every day. He said the couple relies on donations to survive since neither one can hold down a job.

He said Zimmerman, who previously aspired to be a judge, looks forward to the trial to begin, but has been disenfranchised about the legal proceedings thus far.

To be sure, even if his client is acquitted, O’Mara said he will likely never feel safe in his hometown or Florida.

“He’d have to go somewhere where nobody knows him,” O’Mara said.

So, O’Mara and his client are a “couple” and poor George is wearing bulletproof vests and disguises while he steadily eats himself to death because he doesn’t get to vote on the outcome of his trial.

Excuse me, while I cry me a river of tears.

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Defendant Was Straddling Trayvon When He Fired the Kill Shot

February 9, 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nefertari05 posted the following comment today at 2:54 pm.

“I am curious about one thing though. Many people have posted it is physically impossible to make that shot, with the straight trajectory, while laying on his back with Trayvon over him. I posted this thought many months ago, using a sexual position analogy, but I really don’t understand why if Zimmerman’s arm is raised at a 45 degree angle (aiming up, continuing the 45 degree angle), and Trayvon is leaning over, perpendicular to the gun, why it wouldn’t be a straight thru, no angle shot. Granted, I am no scientist, and my understanding of physics is elementary, at best, but a 45 degree angled arm (from a prone position), with Trayvon leaning over, perpendicular, seems like a straight shot to me. I know I’m missing something. I freely admit it. Can you explain to me what it is, so I have a better understanding?”

When medical examiners do autopsies on gunshot victims, they insert metal rods into the wounds and take photographs of the rods sticking out from the body so people can clearly see the angle of entry and trajectory of each bullet.

I have no doubt the assistant ME did the same thing with Trayvon’s bullet wound.

Couple that with expert testimony about the distance from which the fatal shot was fired and you get a pretty good idea of the location of the muzzle and the position of the gun relative to the location and position of Trayvon’s body.

Hold that image in your mind and imagine that you are the shooter lying on your back with the gun in a holster inside your waistband behind your right hip.

How do you get that gun out of the holster using only your right hand and maneuver it into the position it has to be in when the defendant fired the fatal shot?

Remember that he said he extended his arm, aimed to avoid shooting his left hand and fired.

The first problem is that his body is on top of the gun. He would have to roll over on his left hip to be able to reach the gun with his right hand and pull it out. This move probably would have thrown Trayvon off his body, but he never claimed that happened and, if it had, he would no longer have been reasonably in fear of imminent death or serious injury.

The second problem is that the presence of Trayvon’s thigh and lower leg would have complicated rolling to the left and blocked access to the gun. Also, the surface of the ground would have blocked and restricted movement of the elbow further complicating the draw (not to mention that there is no way Trayvvon could have seen the gun).

Third, I’m not sure, but I think he holstered the gun for a cross-draw with the left hand. If so, the gun butt would have been facing forward requiring an additional move to turn the gun around so that the muzzle was facing forward.

Fourth, then he had to position the gun between their bodies instead of just sticking it into Trayvon’s ribs and pulling the trigger.

All of these problems are avoided if he is on top straddling Trayvon with his knees and shins pinning Trayvon’s arms to the ground.

He could take his time, draw his gun, taunt Trayvon, aim and pull the trigger.

Mary Cutcher, Selma Mora and the teacher all said the shooter stood up immediately after the shot leaving the victim lying on the ground.

Finally, there is the displacement between the bullet holes in the two sweatshirts that align with each other, but not the wound that I have previously mentioned. The displacement indicates the defendant was gripping the sweatshirts with his left hand and pulling the sweatshirts down and to the left and away from Trayvon’s body toward himself, possibly to get his hand out of the line of fire, when he fired the kill shot.

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