Blessed be the Bank Robbers

January 19, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I apologize for the delay in posting this article, but I had other important business to handle, including a trip to Tennessee on a motorcycle during an ice storm that took required more time than I had estimated.

I think we all realize that the fogen is a difficult client who insists on running the defense, even though he is the defendant and the least qualified member of the defense team to run the show.

Do you all know which category of defendants in criminal cases is the easiest to work with?

The answer is bank robbers

Some of the most intelligent, creative, honest and giving people I have ever met were bank robbers.

I’m referring to the proverbial good old days when a person could actually steal a lot of money from a bank without getting caught by escaping in one recently acquired vehicle and quickly switching to another recently acquired vehicle stashed a few blocks away, after ditching masks and clothing in the first vehicle. Those were the days when individual tellers had a lot of money in their tills and the banks had not begun concealing exploding dye packs and radio transmitters in the bundles of cash.

Most of the bank robbers I knew or knew about were modern day Robin Hoods who stole money from the big banks and gave away much of it to people in need.

A good example is Scott Scurlock (AKA The Hollywood Bandit because of the elaborate disguises that he wore). He was the most prolific bank robber in U.S. history. He shot himself to death on November 27, 1996, in Seattle to avoid arrest.

I represented Mark Biggins, his best friend and partner in crime.

They met when they were students at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA

Scott is still remembered for the three story tree house that he built in his backyard.

For more information, google his name or go here.

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