Right Wing Wackos: Breathtaking Dishonesty and Stupidity

August 31, 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good morning:

Congress has not been in session this month. Our elected representatives and senators have returned to their districts and states. Many, especially those who will be seeking reelection next year, have been attending town halls where voters get a chance to let them know what they are concerned about.

According to this article, Republican voters are determined to impeach President Obama for a wide variety of sins. Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma said,

President Obama is “getting perilously close” to meriting impeachment this week, joining the growing group of conservatives who are flirting with pushing out the president to appease radical fringes of the party.

“I think those are serious things, but we’re in serious times,” Coburn said when asked about impeachment at a town hall. “And I don’t have the legal background to know if that rises to ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ but I think you’re getting perilously close.”

“I am fed up. I am frustrated,” Coburn said to the cheering crowd, echoing his last Morning Joe appearance when he called Congress the “kindergarten of Washington.”

With Congress on August recess, Republican congressmen are flirting with birtherism and calls for impeachment as they respond to furious, polarized constituents.

I think the birthers are right wing wackos who are as stupid as stupid can get. I also harbor no doubts that right wing wackos are unapologetic racists and loud and proud to be stupid. Does anyone with a functioning brain cell not realize that the real reason they want to impeach President Obama is because he is black?

I do not understand why anyone would take pride in being stupid.

The Republican Party made a serious mistake when it courted the right wing wackos. They have been losing credibility ever since.

Now we have another exhibit of their stupidity to marvel at. I am referring, of course, to their claim that the Chris Lane murder in Oklahoma is a reverse Trayvon Martin case. They wonder why President Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have not spoken about his case as they did about Trayvon Martin.

Since the cases have nothing in common, I cannot imagine why they would ask such a stupid question.

Their unrivaled stupidity begins with a willingness to make shit up, pretend that it’s real and assume everyone will agree and not ask questions.

MSNBC reports:

Twenty-two-year-old Christopher Lane, a student at East Central University, was shot dead in Duncan, Okla., on Aug. 16. Lane’s death has drawn national attention because the teenage suspects allegedly told police that they shot him because they were “bored and didn’t have anything to do.” Many Australian press reports have focused on the easy availability of firearms in the United States.

Conservative media, however, have honed in on the argument that the three suspects are black and the victim is white. In fact, one of the suspects is white, an official from the Stephens County District Attorney’s office told MSNBC Wednesday. “That is not the case,” the official said when asked whether all three suspects were black. “One is black, one is half-black, half-white, the other is white.” Conservative media appear to have relied on an erroneous report in the Australian media about the identity of the suspects. Right-wing outlets have since singled out tweets from one of the suspects that include derogatory language aimed at white people.

Local officials have not presented evidence yet that the killing was related to or based on race, but for many conservative outlets, the assumed race of the suspects was proof enough that Lane’s killing was racially motivated. National Review posted a since-uncorrected summary to an Australian news site wrongly identifying the suspects with the headline, “Three Black Teens Kill White College Student; Racial Grievance Industry Silent.” As Mediaite columnist Tommy Christopher noted, Fox News aired a Fox and Friends segment Wednesday morning erroneously identifying all three suspects as black and asking why Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama hadn’t spoken out.

Breathtaking dishonesty and stupidity.

I do not understand why anyone in the mainstream media pays attention to these lying jerks and their willing followers who are too stupid to pound sand.

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