Are thousands of people going to protest Zimmerman trial

May 20, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Good afternoon:

According to Local Channel 10, court administrators for the Seminole County Circuit Court have been working with the Sanford Police Department to set-up designated areas for protesters to occupy during the Zimmerman trial.

Designated zones will be set up for protestors to guarantee business at the courthouse will be uninterrupted.

Court administrators said they are finalizing the plans and will release them publicly once the chief judge signs the order.

“I think they’re doing the right thing to be proactive in case there is an emotional outbreak,” said Ray Sands, a central Florida resident.

The Sanford Police Department has been preparing for months, but the department was so heavily criticized for its handling of the shooting investigation, they are hesitant to talk preparations publicly.

People like Carmen Colon says they should.

“So people can be aware of what’s going to happen,” Colon said.

While police won’t address plans, they have to be prepared for the worst. Online extremists are asking for thousands of people to show up at the trial to protest.

“Everybody is expecting the trial, so I hope everything is in peace and there is no problem,” Colon said.

I have to admit that I had not given much thought to the possibility of protesters attending the trial and I am not aware that “online extremists are asking for thousands of people to show up at the trial to protest.”

Just so the record is clear, I am not calling for protests or urging anyone to protest. Like everyone else seeking justice for Trayvon, I want the defendant to have a fair trial with due process of law. So far as I can tell, that is going to happen. Therefore, I do not have a reason to protest.

Although I will not attend the trial, I will be watching it via livestream and reporting on what is happening.

I do not monitor pro-defendant websites because they lack substantive content. I know that some of you occasionally do visit.

Have any of you seen requests “for thousands of people to show up at the trial to protest?”

I would not be surprised if a large crowd gathers to await the verdict.

What do you all think?


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