I agree with the decision not to prosecute Jameis Winston for rape

December 13, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Good afternoon:

Jameis Winston is the phenomenal Freshman quarterback for the undefeated Florida State University Seminoles, ranked first in the nation. FSU will play Auburn for the national championship on January 6, 2014.

Winston has already won two prestigious awards, the Walter Camp player of the year award and the O’Brien Award for the nation’s top quarterback. He will likely win the Heisman Trophy tomorrow evening.

Despite these remarkable achievements, a young woman has accused him of forcibly raping her a year ago. The Tallahassee Police Department investigated the allegation. Last week, Leon County State Attorney Willie Meggs announced that there was not enough evidence to convict the young man because there were too many gaps in the woman’s story.

He released 248 pages of discovery for the public to review.

The young woman’s lawyer, Patricia Carroll, has asked the Florida Attorney General to conduct an independent investigation regarding alleged discrepancies in the medical reports her client’s family received and the medical reports in the package of documents that Meggs released.

The Miami Herald covered her news conference:

“We perceive that as a problem that warrants further investigation,” said Carroll in a news conference Friday. “There is no other choice than to call upon the attorney general of the state of Florida to conduct an independent investigation into this case and the Tallahassee Police Department.”

You can read the 248 pages at Tallahassee.com

After reviewing the documents, I concur with Willie Meggs’s decision not to prosecute Jameis Winston.

What do you think?


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