Motorcycle ride turns ugly in NYC

October 10, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good afternoon:

As one who drives a motorcycle, I feel a strong affinity for other motorcycle drivers. The vast majority of us are peaceful and law abiding, but there are some exceptions.

There was an extremely ugly incident recently in New York City when a group of motorcyclists out for a pleasant ride encountered a black Range Rover and apparently surrounded it forcing the driver to slow down and stop. One of the motorcyclists stopped his bike in front of the Range Rover. The driver of the Range Rover suddenly accelerated, running over the motorcyclist and his bike severely injuring him.

A chase ensued until the Range Rover was forced to stop upon encountering other traffic. Then a group of the motorcyclists smashed windows on the Range Rover, pulled the driver out of the vehicle and put him on the ground. Then they started beating and kicking him.

A good samaritan stepped in and stopped the beating.

The driver of the Range Rover was released from a hospital later that evening with minor injuries.

The person he ran over suffered broken ribs and may be paralyzed from a crushing injury to his spine.

Turns out that several police officers were among the motorcyclists and at least one of them was working undercover and participated in the assault on the driver of the Range Rover.

Four people have been charged, including the officer.

Apparently the group was under investigation and this incident has compromised the investigation.

Here’s the video.

Watch the CBS video and report.

The driver of the Range Rover has not been charged.

Here’s the ABC story about the undercover cop.

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