Genocide in Flint

January 24, 2016

If you believe that people generally intend the natural and probable consequences of their acts, you have to seriously consider the possibility that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and his cohorts intended to commit genocide in Flint.

As anyone who has chemically treated swimming pool water can affirm:

When you add Chlorine (CL) to water (H2O) in order to kill microbes, you create HCL, which is hydrochloric acid. Since it’s not a good idea to go swimming in vats of acid as any damn fool knows, you have to add a base to neutralize the acid. When I managed a couple of public swimming pools back in the 60s, we used to add soda ash to the water to increase the pH to 7.0, which is the neutral balance-point between acid and base.

We checked the pH every hour with a simple portable color-test kit and added soda ash to increase the pH if it were below 7.0. We kept a written record of each hourly result and how much soda ash we added.

When the idiots in Flint decided not to add an anti-corrosive agent (i.e., a base) to the water supply they were disinfecting with chlorine, they converted the water into an acid that caused skin rashes and dissolved the inner surface of the pipes, releasing lead into the water supply.

As Amy Davidson lays out the case against the people who poisoned Flint’s water supply in her New Yorker article, The Contempt That Poisoned Flint’s Water, I cannot help but conclude that they knew what they were doing long before the story broke.

A brilliant neo-nazi type solution to reduce poverty in Flint.

A harsh accusation I realize, but how could Snyder and his cohorts not have known?

Michael Moore accused Snyder of genocide.

He is right, if Snyder is a person who intends the natural and probable consequences of his acts.

A thorough and complete investigation is necessary.

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