Pharmaceutical companies complain not enough money in developing new antibiotics

July 6, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Good morning again:

Reuters has an interesting story regarding an area in which predatory greed-driven capitalism fails miserably.

The article is titled, How to fix a broken market in antibiotics.

Many strains of bacteria, such the ones that cause tuberculosis and gonorrhoea have evolved and the antibiotics that used to kill them no longer work.

In fact, most of our antibiotics do not work anymore and new ones are desperately needed.

However, large pharmaceutical companies stopped making antibiotics years ago because there was not enough money selling them. Antibiotics require minimal use to remain effective and must be sold at lower prices that people can afford.

Compared to the return on biologics that can be sold for hundreds of dollars per pill, there is not enough money in developing new antibiotics to fight the superbugs.

Yet, they are desperately needed.

The article explores possible solutions, including government subsidies to sweeten the pot.

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