Prison guards falsify prison logs in Ariel Castro case

October 10, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good morning:

Breaking story out of Ohio this morning. Two prison guards have been placed on administrative leave by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections for falsifying prison logs by claiming they checked in on Ariel Castro at regular intervals to see if he was OK.

The falsification was discovered by viewing videotape of the entrance to Castro’s cell.

Castro committed suicide by hanging.

The matter has been turned over to the Ohio State Highway Patrol to conduct a criminal investigation.

Crane and I have been wondering since we first heard about the suicide why he had access to something with which to hang himself while on a suicide watch. That is unusual and suspicious.

The story is trending on twitter at hashtag Ariel Castro.

EDIT: Ariel Castro may not have been on a suicide watch. If not, that might be an exception to the standard operating procedure with new prison inmates.

A tale of two psychopaths: Castro and Zimmerman

August 1, 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Good evening to all of our friends:

Ariel Castro was sentenced today in Cleveland to life without possibility of parole, plus 1,000 years, a $100,000 fine, and court costs.

He will never be released from prison.

Crane and I liveblogged the 4.5 hour sentencing hearing via livestream. If you missed it, please go here.

Michelle Knight spoke at the sentencing and you can watch her here.

Amanda Berry, her young daughter and Gena de Jesus, the other three victims did not attend the hearing. Family members spoke for them.

Castro’s full statement to the court is here.

He denied being a monster or a violent man and insisted that they were a family and harmony prevailed.

About as fine an example of a psychopath denying responsibility for and minimizing his criminal conduct as you are likely to find.

Which brings me to another man without a conscience, George Zimmerman.

Unlike Ariel Castro, who will never be released from prison, Zimmerman is out and about packing a gun and was last seen in Texas where he was stopped for speeding and warned not to load his gun and to put it away in his glove compartment.

He didn’t get a ticket.

Ohio law enforcement did its job in Cleveland. The Sanford Police Department in Sanford did not.

These two cases offer a great illustration of the difference between honest cops who knew what they were doing and corrupt cops who knowingly and intentionally freed a remorseless killer just because he killed a black kid.

Finally, I was pleased to see two defense attorneys who did the right thing. As Crane just said, Mark O’Mara probably would have put the victims on trial claiming they were responsible because they were whores and they wanted to be enslaved.

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