Trump and Cruz want police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods

March 23, 2016

Trump and Cruz are demonstrating that they are unqualified to lead our country. Patrolling Muslim neighborhoods, assuming there are any, would only intimidate and infuriate Muslims.

Trump wants to torture Muslims for information.

They are really talking about establishing an American version of the Nazi Gestapo and that’s insane.

The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and they are the front line against ISIS. They need our assistance to do it and we need their cooperation to assist them. The big problem in Brussels is the absence of communication between Muslims and law enforcement. That’s why law enforcement could not find Salah Abdeslam, even though he never left Brussels. Caught between ISIS killers on one side and suspicious hostile police on the other and unable to communicate with them because they do not speak the language, they kept quiet.

That barrier must be broken to have any chance to prevail against ISIS. Terrorizing Muslims with Gestapo tactics will only help ISIS to recruit more jihadists.

Trump and Cruz need to shut-up and stop helping ISIS.

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