If you could make 5 people disappear, who would you choose?

January 26, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good afternoon:

“Would the following people please report to the vice principal’s office,” was a summons over the junior high school public address system that used to strike fear into my heart because my name often would be on that list for various and sundry immature pranks that I committed against teachers whom I disliked for reasons both real and imagined.

Yes, I confess that I was a bratty merry prankster who irritated the hell out of my frazzled teachers. Fortunately, I eventually managed to give my poor overworked and underpaid teachers a break and redirected my teenage rebellion into more productive pursuits like protesting against the war in Vietnam.

But that’s another story.

I am pleased to report that, as far as I know, I never made a teacher sick.

Of course, I had not yet discovered how to cast magic spells.

Which brings me to Brandi Blackbear, a student at Union Intermediate High School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma back in December, 2000.

The assistant vice principal suspended her for 15 days for casting a magic spell that made a teacher sick.

ABC News reported:

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday [by the ACLU], alleges that Blackbear was summoned to the office of assistant principal Charlie Bushyhead last December after a teacher fell ill, and was questioned about her interest in Wicca.

According to the lawsuit, Brandi Blackbear had read a library book about Wicca beliefs and, under aggressive interrogation by Bushyhead, said she might be a Wiccan. In fact, Blackbear is a Roman Catholic, according to the newspaper Tulsa World.

“The interview culminated with Defendant Bushyhead accusing Plaintiff, Brandi Blackbear, of casting spells causing (a teacher at the school) … to be sick and to be hospitalized,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit stated that because of the “unknown cause” of the teacher’s illness, Bushyhead advised the 15-year-old girl “that she was an immediate threat to the school and summarily suspended her for what he arbitrarily determined to be a disruption of the education process.”

Absolutely brilliant detective work by Mr. Bushyhead, who should give serious consideration to changing his name to Defendant Shit For Brains.

First Coast News reprinted this story from December, 2000 as its selection for today in the strange news department.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we could cast magic spells that would make people disappear?

George Zimmerman would be in my top 5.

How about you?

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