Freedom Industries fined $11,000 for West Virginia chemical spill that poisoned drinking water for 300,000 people

July 9, 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Remember the chemical spill in West Virginia a few months ago that poisoned the water with coal cleaning chemicals affecting an estimated 300,000 people in West Virginia with 1 in 5 complaining of adverse health effects?

You probably figured a fine of a few million dollars would be assessed as a cost of doing business as usual, right?



That’s right, $11,000.

Raw Story is reporting,

According to a citation document obtained by The Charleston Gazette, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hit Freedom Industries with a $7,000 fine for keeping chemicals in diked areas that were not “liquid tight.”

The administration fined Freedom an addition $4,000 for not providing employees with a proper hand railing to walk over the storage dikes.


The Marshall University Center for Business and Economic Research estimated in February that the spill would cost businesses $61 million.

What about the 60,000 people who suffered adverse health effects and the other 240,000 people who didn’t, but like the 60,000 who did, don’t know about the potential future health effects.

How many people are going to develop cancer and rot from the inside out?

How many of those people will be children?

How many children born to pregnant women who drank the poisoned water will be born with birth defects?

What about the damage to other living beings and to the environment?

Freedom Industries, the company responsible for the spill is getting out from under by filing for bankruptcy.

Got to protect the owners and investors, doncha know.

Everybody else can just go suck eggs.

Ain’t capitalism wonderful?

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