Zimmerman: Prosecution and Defense Counsel Need to Stop the Stupid Mistakes

November 15, 2012

Assistant State’s Attorney Bernie de la Rionda violated a court order last week by listing the names of 12 people whom the State intends to call as witnesses at George Zimmerman’s trial.

Rene Stutzman described the screw-up in the Orlando Sentinel today .

De la Rionda delivered a new set of evidence to defense attorneys Nov. 8, and he prepared a summary sheet and delivered it to the Seminole County Courthouse.

Normally, he prepares two sets of summary sheets, one for defense attorneys that includes witness names and other protected information, and a second for the public that goes into the courthouse file. It typically identifies witnesses by number — for example, witness 17.

But on Nov. 8 de la Rionda filed the summary sheet that included witness names in the courthouse file, where anyone is free to look at it.

It lists nearly a dozen new witnesses. None is expected to be a major figure at George Zimmerman’s second-degree-murder trial. They include several of his neighbors and two black Sanford community leaders who were at a U.S. Department of Justice meeting several months ago.

When I first heard about this today, I decided not to write about it because it did not seem very important.

However, this is the second time he screwed-up. The first time was when he publicized Zimmerman’s woeful academic performance by mistake.

Mark O’Mara is not without sin here either because he was basically responsible for permitting the sexual molestation allegations by W9 against Zimmerman to be publicized hurting Zimmerman in the process.

Gentlemen: Enough is enough.

You are looking incompetent and stupid.

This is not difficult.

If you cannot handle simple stuff like this, how do you expect to get through the trial without making major errors.

The people and George Zimmerman deserve better than this.

Time to get your shit together.

The whole world is watching.

EDIT: Changed W8 to W9. Guess I better get my shit together.

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