Featuring: Please Welcome Kindheart101

January 12, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Please welcome Kindheart101 to our house.

She is an excellent poet and I love poetry.

She introduces herself to us with this comment:

I am disabled, and spend late nights chatting with friends on HP, and by email about Trayvon. Depending on what is being discussed, I am asked frequently to post a poem. This is just one, of many, I have written over the last 9 months.

I think my personal favorite was about his birth:

What is this here, what can this be?
I do not know, I can not see.
I move around, and wonder why.
although I try, I can not cry.

It’s dark, yet I can hear the sound,
of muffled voices, all around.
A voice says push, and then I see,
a bright, white light, in front of me.

It’s cold, I cry, I gasp for air,
I hear a voice, proudly declare.
We have a son, we’ll call him Tray!
and thank the Lord, for him each day.

Trayvon Benjamin Martin was born February 5, 1995

Trayvon was murdered by George Zimmerman February 26, 2012 while walking home from the store.

Thank you, Kindheart.

I hope you choose to grace us with your presence and more of your poetry for a very long time.

Welcome to the blog.


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