Kendrick Johnson’s autopsy photographs posted by internet troll UPDATED

October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Autopsy photographs of Kendrick Johnson were posted on a website named renewsit-dot-com, which is owned and operated by an internet troll named Vicki Pate. She is a malevolent right wing racist who believes the First Amendment gives her a license to lie, harass and stalk people.

Here is an example of how classy she is:

KJ’s mother, Jackie Johnson, who had already blocked her on twitter for harassment, told WCTV News,

“My sister was going online to look for the shoe; what KJ was alledgedly looking for, and she scrolled over and there was a picture of Kendrick’s autopsy on the page”, says Jackie Johnson, Kendrick’s Mother.

Johnson says she blocked the website’s host on Twitter after constant harassment, and doesn’t know why the webmaster is attacking her family. She adds, “It’s hurtful, because that’s still my child at the end of the day, and who that has a heart could do something like that?”

Pate and the person who gave her the photograph(s) could be in legal trouble because autopsy photographs are exempt from disclosure under Georgia’s open records act pursuant to Ga.Stat. 45-16-27(d) and she and the person who leaked them to her can be sued for the tort of Outrage or intentional infliction of emotional distress and potentially obtain up to $250,000 in punitive damages pursuant to Ga.Stat. 51-12-5.1(g).

I hope KJ’s family sues Pate because a substantial punitive damages award is probably the only way to silence her.


I updated this post at 12:51 pm on 10/30/2014 to add the two statutory references in the next to the last paragraph and deleted references to the state and federal investigations. These sentences appeared in the original draft:

However, the Georgia authorities seem about as interested in pursuing the matter as they were in investigating his death and God only knows what the FBI is doing. The US Attorney’s investigation appears to have stalled out, so I do not have much hope that they will interrupt their busy schedule trimming their nails and keeping us safe from terrorists.


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