I am an author, blogger, former law professor, and former felony criminal defense attorney in state and federal courts specializing in death penalty defense, forensics, and complex litigation. I believe in due process, equal justice under law, the rule of law, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I am not now, never have been, and never aspired to be a member of the 1%.

I created this blog to inform and be of service to we the people by demystifying and teaching the law as well as promoting and facilitating a well informed discussion about legal matters.

I believe our country is ruled by greed and our legal and political system has been corrupted and broken by the 1%. We need to fix it and we need to fix it now.

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13 Responses to About

  1. Dear Sir: My brother was threatened by an ex-felon who came to his business/home and wouldn’t leave the parking lot. The guy began to backup which he would have hit my brother, he had to get out of the way so my brother fired his gun at the van, and then called the police. This is crazy because he got a total of 26 years. 10 Mandatory. The Judge did not give the jury instruction, my brother said the prosecution said if you believe he fired the weapon he is guilty and he admitted he fired the weapon. Where was the self defense. I NEED HELP. The Atty Gen is running for governor next year. He couldn’t stay out on his appeal, because the judge gave him a 50,000 cash bond, but a bail bondsman told me she would get him out if it was a surety. He got another lawyer, but didn’t have time to speak with him enough. This is Missouri where Kevin Crane got Ryan Ferguson convicted with no evidence.

  2. I really enjoy your blog! I found it because of your post on the Philip Chism case. Whom I believe deserves a chance at rehabilitation.

  3. Xena says:

    I would be honored if you accept this award. The rules for acceptance are here:

  4. Cyndi King says:

    Professor a lot of people, including myself were hurt by the Zimmerman acquittal, and are reluctant to organize and keep pushing forward. But I feel in my heart that if the people who aided Zimmerman in getting away with murder were prosecuted, the state would have no choice but to hold him accountable. I’m collaborating with a few owners of Trayvon Martin support groups to push for this, and though the numbers are far from staggering, it is enough to bring attention to this cause.

  5. Jack Kelle says:

    I’ve enjoyed your coverage of the issues surrounding the “stand your ground” debates. I recently finished working on an infographic that explores the history and some amazing statistics concerning this law from a visual perspective. I thought I would share it with you in the hopes you might make some use of it. Here’s the link: http://www.topcriminaljusticedegrees.org/stand-your-ground/


  6. Wendie Dox says:

    I’m increasing upset and angry about this… Please remove my post naming my friends company as jury consultants in a case. I should never have posted it I was actually thinking I was contacting you privately..

  7. Wendie Dox says:

    PLease remove my previous post!!! I mstakenly thought iwas sending you a private message!!!! I should never have prited my friends name!!! please!

  8. Will Short says:

    Dear Mr. Leatherman,
    Today, the local newspaper, the Minneapolis StarTribune, printed an op-ed on the Trayvon Martin case by a George Parry, listed as a former state and federal prosecutor, now practising in Philadelphia. His opinion piece is heavily weighted toward Florida’s “Stand your Ground” law. The piece is reprinted from the Philadelphia Inquirer.
    My question is: would you have a synopsis of your detailed articles I’ve read at Firedoglake to send to the StarTribune? We could sure use it.

    Will Short, Minneapolis

  9. Wendie Dox says:

    could you please delete this previous post?

  10. CherokeeNative says:

    Professor, how may I go about sending you a private email? Thank you.

  11. Mike Blodgett says:

    Hey there: Super 99% analysis related to how and when anyone might be able to utilize rules of law to force accountability on others. I also liked your RICO analysis. FYI – I filed a civil RICO case 2/6/12 as Case No 12-cv-301 D. Minn. with human trafficking and retaliation as pattern and practice to bring me some compensatiion for economic damages to my business and profession, and also to seek justice potentially for thousands of Secret Shrine Society of Royal Order of Jesters [Jesters} victims of human trafficking – victims of Jester members who human traffick every month. You can google Sandy Frost Dan Herbeck Buffalo NY guilty pleas Jesters for background.

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