Samantha Scheibe and Hope Mason interview regarding George Zimmerman

November 20, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Good morning:

Here is a link to Erik Sandoval’s story about his interviews and communications with Samantha Scheibe (GZ’s girlfriend who called 911) and her mother Hope Mason regarding Scheibe’s relationship with Zimmerman. He is a reporter for Channel 6 in Orlando.

The most troubling part of the interview involves a still-photo from a sex video showing Scheibe and Zimmerman having sex. Zimmerman sent it to Scheibe’s 10-year-old daughter.

After one argument with Zimmerman, Scheibe said she went to her mother’s house to get away from him.

While there, Mason said Scheibe’s daughter received a text message from George Zimmerman. Mason said that message was a still image from an intimate home video of Scheibe and Zimmerman.

“He’s now threatened her in writing and even sent a portion of the video to her baby girl,” Mason wrote in a text message.

But still Scheibe stayed with Zimmerman and the couple reunited.

If the incident occurred as described, Zimmerman used blackmail and extortion to punish and “persuade” Scheibe to return to him.

Zimmerman was served in jail with a copy of Shellie’s divorce petition after his arrest on Monday.

Does anyone continue to doubt that Zimmerman nailed the target from the shooting range with 17 bullet holes in it to the wall in Shellie’s parent’s house?

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