Let’s play the who-said-this game

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Good morning:

Time to play the who-said-this game.

A game the whole family can play

Just read the quote and guess who said it.

First clue: The man is white and in jail.

The jail is full of blacks and they all act like thugs. This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these (expletive) idiots, when they’re threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior.

Second clue: The man denies being a racist.

I’m really not prejudiced against race, but I have no use for certain cultures. This gangster-rap, ghetto talking thug ‘culture’ that certain segments of society flock to is intolerable. They espouse violence and disrespect towards women. The black community here in [deleted] is in an uproar against me — the three other thugs that were in the car are telling stories to cover up their true ‘colors.’

Third clue: This man is really amazed and irked to discover that the media does not call him a hero.

I am amazed at what is going on with the way the media has been covering this case. Their have been several other shootings here in [deleted], yet they are all either black-on-black or black-on-white, and none of them have garnered any attention from the media. I guess it’s news when someone dares to not to be a victim, but they are twisting it around sand saying I was the ‘bad guy.’

Fourth clue: This man wants a change of venue because the media has not called him a hero.

You are correct, if you chose Michael Dunn. He is charged with first degree murder for shooting 17-year-old Jordan Davis to death in the parking lot of a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida. Dunn emptied the clip of his 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun while squeezing off shots at point blank range into an SUV parked next to him because Jordan Davis disrespected his authority as an older white guy by refusing to turn down the music and calling him names. Davis and his three friends were unarmed.

Michael Dunn is stupid because he shot and killed a kid for playing loud music that he did not like and disobeying his order to turn it down. He is also stupid because he does not realize he is a racist and he mailed these statements from jail to relatives and friends not realizing that jailers read mail. Predictably, the statements were published. Now, he wants a change of venue to a place with like-minded people who will give him the keys to the city and throw him a ticker tape parade down main street instead of throwing him in jail.

Someplace like Sanford, Florida in Seminole County.

The best thing Dunn’s lawyer could do right now is to threaten to kill him with his bare hands if he doesn’t shut up.

Quotes obtained from Atlanta Black Star

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59 Responses to Let’s play the who-said-this game

  1. fauxmccoy says:

    mr dunn is one sick fuck, he backs his evil deeds with words that are just as evil. i’m hoping florida gets this one right, but holding on to hope at this point feels tenuous at best.

  2. Xena says:

    Convenience store video, re: Michael Dunn

  3. Xena says:

    Witness interview in the Michael Dunn case.

  4. Xena says:

    Evidence photos from the Michael Dunn case.

  5. Tzar says:

    at some point the juries will have to be seen as malicious rather than ignorant

    • Xena says:

      @Tzar. You mean, like a jury foreperson not submitting a specific question about manslaughter, but taking another vote while staring down B29 for 30 minutes until she voted not guilty; AND — AND, Frank Taaffe telling Nancy Grace and Fox News that there was one juror holding out? That kind of maliciousness?

      • Tzar says:

        yup, that type exactly

      • LadyStClaire says:

        There was definitely some dealings with someone outside of that jury room and, I believe Judge Nelson knew very well that this kind of stuff was going on. I also believe this judge was hand picked by the defense because, IMO she is a corrupt judge and, they knew it. this is why they didn’t seek to have her replaced, when she denied a lot of their motions. also in the end, she denied two motions for a gag order against the defense as well as, denying the voice experts to testify but, was more than glad to allow O’DIRTY to bring a piece of pavement into court as well as a cartoon. she was definitely a part of this fix from beginning to end.

        • MDH says:

          Yes, the two dimensional cardboard cut outs that “prove” a mass of 158lbs is “much larger” than one of 207lbs.

          Isaac Newton would be so proud.

          It amazes me how so many people could not see through arguments based on semantics in lieu of actual facts, thus allowing abrasions to correlate with “slamming” and an MMA “beatdown”.

          I work in patent law and calling the wee marks on the back of George’s head the result of “slamming” would invoke 35 USC 112 as being not enabled {our nice way of saying that what you claim has no basis in reality} in that a slam would produce a significant contusion for each of the strikes. As a result, as there are no significant contusions, one can not claim a slam, let alone multiple slams.

          Now, if they want to claim bump or brush, that would be ok.

          But one would not be in fear for their life from bumping or brushing their head. So semantics to Buffalo the fools it was.

        • Malisha says:

          The sheriff’s department GUARDING the jurors were corrupting the jury process. Also the visits from lawyer husbands had a lot to do with what took place.

  6. CherokeeNative says:

    I am so very frustrated with the conundrum that the American People find themselves in – we have a law on the books that allows bigoted racists to instigate a confrontation and murder young unarmed teens and then walk away free; we also have laws that that allows a small minority of extremists in Congress to shut down the entire Nation and alter parliamentary rules so that only one person within the United States has the ability to prevent its shutdown or reopen it.

    Something is terribly wrong when we allow these types of laws and rules to be enacted. I find it very hard to believe that the drafters of the SYG laws intended them to be construed so as to allow a person to profile and instigate an altercation and then murder the victim when the instigator was losing the very fight he instigated. Indeed, one of the drafters has inasmuch stated this. The issue is, now that it has been enacted, it needs to be repealed because it is being wrongly interpreted by prosecutors, defense attorneys and the Courts.

    For over a hundred years, our Congress has always known that there were limitations to political arguments. Bottom line – majority ruled. All government officers of the United States, including the President, the Justices of the Supreme Court, and all members of Congress, pledge first and foremost to uphold the Constitution. These oaths affirm that the rule of law is superior to the rule of any human leader. We, the People of the United States expect these government officers to abide by the Constitution and their Oaths. Yet, we have politicians elected to office who, because of their extreme ideologies, have chosen to ignore the Constitution and their oath by threatening to blow up the entire world economy because, well, they are not exactly sure why.

    What appears to have happened is our justice system and Congress have been overtaken by a group of people who are completely lacking in moral responsibility, integrity, and ethics. They are morally and ethically bankrupt. Winning is more important than what is right; more important than what is just. Gone are the fundamental duties to serve mankind; to enforce all laws; and to respect the Constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality and justice. The question of what is morally right is now routinely sacrificed and integrity has disappeared in order to pander to the client or constituent through deft manipulation of the law.

    The legal system and democracy have been wounded by government officers and lawyers who themselves no longer respect the rule of law. So many lawyers seem uninhibited about misconstruing the laws, making misstatements to the court or their opponents or destroying or falsifying evidence. Some government officers are hell bent on destroying our country as we know it.

    When lawyers and government officers cannot be trusted to observe the fair processes essential to maintaining the rule of law and uphold our Constitution, the system is broken.

    Our system failed Trayvon Martin. Our system failed the Nation on October 1, 2013. Our system may fail Jordon Davis although I pray not. Hopefully, the SYG laws will be repealed. As for our Congress, 2014 is right around the corner.

    • Judy75201 says:

      Great post. Thanks.

    • masonblue says:

      Thank you.

      You have beautifully expressed the realization that compelled me to leave the practice of law in disgust. I could no longer be part of the corrupted and broken system. The realization came upon me suddenly like a fever and it drove to bag everything that I had accumulated for 30 years — the certificates, awards, photographs, news clippings and all the rest of the detritus — take it to the dump and hurl each bag as far from me as possible into the landfill.

      When at long last I finished that arduous task, I knew I had reclaimed my soul.

  7. MDH says:

    I have some questions for Dunn.

    Q: What kind of man abuses his spouse and threatens her with violence?

    A: A thug.

    Q: What kind of man, when faced with people who do not act or speak in a way that he approves, tries to make them bend to his will?

    A: A thug.

    Q: What kind of man pulls out a gun to settle an argument?

    A: A thug.

    Q: What kind of mind gets put in jail and feels the rest of the inmates are thug but he is special?

    A: A lying thug.

    Sadly, I have to agree with our skeptics.

    George Zimmerman had all the aspects of a self serving patronizing wannabe thug that one could spot as clear as day unless they were either willfully or actually pig ignorant.

    His not guilty verdict sent a clear message that one can shoot another person based on stereotypes that they are stupid enough to believe or just make up in order to mock our so-called system of justice.

    For the real racists, I have no sympathy.

    For the so-called objective middle that reared it head on Daily Kos, I have utter scorn and contempt. They sent a clear message to people of color that “they don’t give a shit”.

    Stupid fools.

    In my life on this Earth there have been many been young one’s like Trayvon Martin who bailed my ass out of a spot because they saw beyond the race crap an did give a shit.

    Karma is a bitch.

    Maybe one day, one of those defenders of George will be facing a gun held by a real thug and her only savior will be a young black male who figures “why should I give a shit, let Dunn save her ass”; and he will just walk on by.

  8. bettykath says:

    What makes his crime first degree murder?

    • Malisha says:

      He gets mad, goes to get his gun, deliberately shoots it into a car full of unarmed kids. You don’t get much firster-degree than that.

    • Xena says:

      Along with what the professor and Malisha said, Dunn also continued to shoot as the SUV pulled off. There are bullet holes in the back of the SUV. He is also charged with 3 counts of attempted murder.

      • towerflower says:

        He had the gun in the glove box. Read some comments yesterday in a story about this and one of the things that people are worried about is an “overcharge”. The police charged him with 2nd degree murder but the grand jury returned a 1st degree murder charge. Some writers feel that, like in fogen’s case, it was overcharged and he’ll get off as a result.

        Frankly I don’t feel it was overcharged. He knew what he was doing and his actions afterwards (fleeing the scene) show he thought he would get away with it.

        One of the things I always wondered about was the woman (wife?) who was with him, and was in the store when it happened, had to say about what was said when she got back in the car.

        • Xena says:


          One of the things I always wondered about was the woman (wife?) who was with him, and was in the store when it happened, had to say about what was said when she got back in the car.

          Here’s a news report on, with portions of the girlfriend’s interview with police.

          • groans says:

            Xena, the music really gets in the way on this video, I’m sorry to say. Can’t hear the talk because of it. And it distracts from making efforts to hear the talk, because I just kept thinking: When will this music STOP so I can hear what this is about? I actually quit trying, and didn’t even watch the entire three minutes. You have a lot of great thoughts and information that you work hard to share. Hate to see you drown those out with an optional element like music. (JMHO, FWIW.)

          • Xena says:

            @groans. Thanks for sharing your concern. It’s not something that the average person would know, so please allow me to explain. People may not like music in the background of videos, but it’s a deterrent to thieves. If they use clips for one of their own videos, they get the music with it.

            Such thieves do not do that for good reasons, either.

            Here’s the entire hour long interview with Dunn’s girlfriend.

  9. kllypyn says:

    Welcome to Florida. The get away with murder state. Especially if you kill a black kid lie about it,and if you get a bunch of dumb ass morons on the jury. What a wonderful place to visit.

  10. colin black says:

    By this nutjobs logic it would be okie dokie to arm myself with an AK47 an go postal the next time I encounter a military marching brass band banging out some Militalry march .

    I could say Its wrong an that type of music promotes violence an encourages young men to kill?

  11. Drew says:

    I wonder if Dunn would be so forgiving of a “black thug” who shot at racist Tea Party protestors, saying he feared for his life and that he objected to their “culture”.

  12. Drew says:

    There is no way to convict anyone of murder in Florida. Just say, “I was scared” or “I thought I saw a gun/weapon/sidewalk”. Works especially well when the victim is black.

    • Unfortunately, you may be right.

    • ay2z says:

      The southpark writers nailed that concept with the ‘red circle’ scene, planned, carried out, and sy-defended.

    • Malisha says:

      You can still convict a Black man of murder in Florida, even if he didn’t kill anyone. And you can convict a Black woman of attempted murder when she deliberately made sure NOT to kill. It’s probably only white men who cannot be convicted of Murder in Florida.

      • Malisha says:

        I wonder: If a white man killed Fogen, could he be convicted of murder? 😈

        • MDH says:

          If Zimmerman had done his creep up from behind on a white person, who had permit to carry a concealed weapon, then the court of public {read a racist} opinion would have said the white person had every right to fear for his life with respect to a scruffy brown foreign Peruvian thug wannabe who failed to identify himself. The gun that George loves so much, which he carries at all times, would have been the proof that the fears of the white person were warranted.

      • towerflower says:

        Malisha, The Alexander case is very different. First the shot was not into the ceiling, you can find photos of the path, it is at head level and goes through a wall before ending up in the ceiling.

        She bypassed two points of exit of the home and went into the garage (#3) and retrieved a gun and went back into the home.

        She was under an order of protection to stay away from him but violated it repeatedly during the year’s time, even having a child with him.

        While out on bail she once again violated her bond terms and went to see him where she assaulted him.

        Neither times did she ever call 911 but her ex did.

        She was found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because her husband’s two children were in the house during the argument. She turned down a plea deal that would have given her 3 yrs. She got 20 due to the states 10-20-Life law, if she had actually shot him and was charged with attempted murder she could’ve gotten less time. .

        She is getting a new trial due to improper jury instructions and not because of anything else. In fact the appellate court upheld the denial of SYG in her case.

        • Judy75201 says:

          It is very different, but the sentence was ridiculous, and only happened because she is black.

          • towerflower says:

            Judy, no it wasn’t. Race had nothing to do with it. It has to do with the 10-20-Life law here in Florida. It was the State’s attempt at Gun Control. Show a handgun and get 10 yrs; fire a handgun and get 20; injure or kill and you can get life.

            The outrage needs to be with the law. Even the Prosecutor realized she didn’t need 20 yrs due to the history of abuse and offered her a plea of 3 yrs but Ms. Alexander turned it down. With the law it also ties the hands of the judge at sentencing since these are minimum sentencing requirements.

          • Judy75201 says:

            Thanks, TF. I’m seeing your point.

  13. Two sides to a story says:

    Fun game.

    Dunn wants to be Zimmerman.

    I hope the good people of the State of Florida vomit folks with these attitudes right into the galactic trashcan where they belong. If these shooters can’t transform their attitudes themselves and the system won’t send them to prison, then they should be ostracized at the very least.

    It’s fortunate that the rest of the world can see clearly what’s happening in Florida – that means there’s some hope for stopping the infection and healing it. At the very least, the entire world can ostracize these unfortunate people – or try to get them to see the light.

    • Drew says:

      He’s going to get off. Bernhard Goetz was more brutal, mercilessly pumping dudes with bullets while in no danger whatsoever, and spewed even more vile, racist, incriminating stuff than Dunn after he was arrested.

      And all this was before Zimmerman showed recently, again that, in Florida,
      the life of a black teen is far less valuable than making sure whites aren’t a-scared.

      A (subway) car full of blacks is in and of itself justification for self-defense homicide. Dunn is getting off.

      • ay2z says:

        Drew, yes, he was in danger and would have to keep shooting, remember had the Z killer not finished the job, made sure his bullet was ‘on him’, he assured his story would be the only one one that would be heard.

  14. ay2z says:

    Good morning all! The only thing in this tune that relates to this morning’s article, is, well, are the lines, ‘the rock he stood upon, is broken and gone’. That’s the goal for him and his ilk.

    (too good a tune to waste on him for more than the crumbling rock theme)

    Otherwise, enjoy the MK tune for itself on this fine (to be inside and dry!) day!

  15. ay2z says:

    ‘3 others in the car’ clinches the ID. First few words in the first quote, thought Frank the Tank, he doesn’t have the intelligence of the quotee to construct sentences of that length. On the other hand, the quotee doesn’t have enough intelligence to know how this can be used against him. So he’s even more stupid than the Tank. Either that, or he is so confident that the world he operates in, shares his beliefs, and that his beliefs can be nothing but the rock solid truth because he believes what comes out of his own mouth.

    Once his beliefs are written in granite stone, he stands on the solid looking rock and spews his hatred. All the while he fails to realize that the solid rock he’s chosen, is crumbling granite, good and hard, but the hard bits don’t stick together, and once he’s on a pile of the crumbles, it’s too late for him. (if the system works as it should)

    Learn from nature while you can still can see it, mr racist soon-to-be-noname man. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/94113914

  16. Judy75201 says:

    Along with your info, here is a link that provides some other interesting stuff. Do you think Dunn was in any way encouraged or emboldened by what fogen did (and the initially-hefty donations fogen received)? I wonder if it did–if Dunn had wished it had been him to have bagged himself a black boy. And I wonder how many more of these nutjobs there are out there?


    • Do you think Dunn was in any way encouraged or emboldened by what fogen did (and the initially-hefty donations fogen received)? I wonder if it did–if Dunn had wished it had been him to have bagged himself a black boy. And I wonder how many more of these nutjobs there are out there?

      Yes, I think he was emboldened by the Zimmerman case and I think there are a lot of nutjobs like him out there.

      • towerflower says:

        One big difference between the two. Fogen stayed and Dunn ran. Dunn ran all the way back to his home several counties away and never came forward until he heard that the cops were seeking him. I bet if a bystander didn’t get his plate then the cops would still be seeking him.

      • LadyStClaire says:

        I think a lot of others, including LE are feeling the same way. the guy in Texas who shot an 8 year old child in his face, and he told someone when asked why he did it, his answer was because I wanted to, should get him more than he bargained for. the dp is what he needs and should get. I know full well that the kid is still living but, this man deserves a lethal injection because someone like that does not deserve to live.

  17. Oh, I hope he keeps it up. Wonder where is lawyer is? Oh well, doesn’t matter. It’s like the man digs himself in deeper with each passing statement.

    What a scumbag.

    • Malisha says:

      Problem is, it may not hurt him, legally, to play up his desire to kill more “thugs” because he’s being tried in “Kill-a-Thug-a-thon” territory where “thug-killers” are canonized as long as they say their magic words. Don’t lets get too delighted that he is identifying himself as a racist; he will have a jury of his peers.

    • Drew says:

      Do you think the racist boogeyman stuff can simply be used as a defense, at least in Florida or other SYG states?

      That’s essentially how it played out in the Zimmerman case, no?

      “OMG George was so scared bc there was a big scary black thug walking around threatening him that the only logical choice was to take out his gun and shoot. Gosh, it’s what anyone would have done when faced with a Scary Black, amirite? Eh?” was more or less an argument that West and O’Mara made.

      • Either Angela Corey is working furiously to rig this outcome as well, because the voting base is hopelessly racist and so is she, or he gets convicted.

        If he gets a pass, he’s gotten it from her.

        Just like in Zimmerman.

        So much sick and wrong in this.

        • Lynn says:

          Demographics show Seminole Co had an 11.8% population of AA while Duval has a 29.9%.
          I believe our voter base might be higher than Seminole Co because our AA churches fight hard to get all of their congregation to the poles.
          Most of the early-voter law changes here in Fl (thanks to Gov Rick Scott and his merry band of Republicans) were to make sure this doesn’t happen. They shortened the days to include one less Sunday, because buses would load up after church services and take people to the polls that normally would have no way to vote.

          • Unbelievable. That’s the kind of stuff that’ll likely haunt him (Gov Rick Scott) later on, you know. In the bigger court. The court that really matters.

            IMO. I am not even kidding. I firmly believe this.

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