Samantha Scheibe and Hope Mason interview regarding George Zimmerman

November 20, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Good morning:

Here is a link to Erik Sandoval’s story about his interviews and communications with Samantha Scheibe (GZ’s girlfriend who called 911) and her mother Hope Mason regarding Scheibe’s relationship with Zimmerman. He is a reporter for Channel 6 in Orlando.

The most troubling part of the interview involves a still-photo from a sex video showing Scheibe and Zimmerman having sex. Zimmerman sent it to Scheibe’s 10-year-old daughter.

After one argument with Zimmerman, Scheibe said she went to her mother’s house to get away from him.

While there, Mason said Scheibe’s daughter received a text message from George Zimmerman. Mason said that message was a still image from an intimate home video of Scheibe and Zimmerman.

“He’s now threatened her in writing and even sent a portion of the video to her baby girl,” Mason wrote in a text message.

But still Scheibe stayed with Zimmerman and the couple reunited.

If the incident occurred as described, Zimmerman used blackmail and extortion to punish and “persuade” Scheibe to return to him.

Zimmerman was served in jail with a copy of Shellie’s divorce petition after his arrest on Monday.

Does anyone continue to doubt that Zimmerman nailed the target from the shooting range with 17 bullet holes in it to the wall in Shellie’s parent’s house?

Clarification and apology for my remarks about Shellie Zimmerman discussion

September 30, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Good afternoon:

Tzar said something in a comment that inspired me to write this post.

He said,

Hi I am Tzar and I carry hate and contempt in my heart.

I do so because there are -and more importantly, there probably always will be- people and notions in this world that are the reason of why we can’t have nice things. I do so because because there people and notions in this world that we ought to fear and people and notions that we are to hold in disrespect. I do so because it defines the limits of what I find beautiful, what I love, what I find tolerable and insignificant.

I respect my hate and I delight in my contempt because they are very small and sharply defined and because they make me me. Woe unto one who finds themselves in that little box, because it is hard to get in and equally hard to get out (bullies, child abusers and spreaders of hate and disorder are lifetime members).

If I am at risk to be consumed, it is by my love and awe. If I am at risk to be obsessed it is through the task of diminishing yet always maintaining my hate.

I think of hatred as an intense and compulsive form of anger that overwhelms my circuits compromising my ability to perceive what is happening in my environment and to interpret the sensory information in an objective manner. We have learned from observing Trayvon’s case, for example, that bias and prejudice compromise perception. People tend to see what they expect to see or want to see. For this reason, we must be ever aware of the danger of failing to see something in plain view and misinterpreting our environment.

When I hate, I am not living in the moment. I am more likely to make decisions based on assumptions rather than evidence. Hatred impairs judgment, in other words.

I realized long ago that I had to figure out how to manage my emotions, if I was going to be an effective trial lawyer. By managing emotions I do not mean suppressing them. Suppressing emotions is unhealthy because it requires considerable energy and it deadens us to experiencing life.

Emotions come and go relatively quickly and an effective way to manage them is to develop the ability to change mental focus.

Baba Ram Dass emphasized the importance of being in the moment when he advised people to “be here now.” I agree.

If we are focused in the moment, we are plugged-in to our senses and less likely to miss something important like an approaching train.

Tzar believes some things like racism deserve to be hated. I agree in the sense that some beliefs and actions merit universal condemnation. Racism is one of those things.

I choose not to hate racism or a racist because I already condemn them. Hating them does not make them go away. Hating only hurts me by dissipating my energy and clouding my focus.

Hating is what racists do and I condemn them because they do that.

I do not want to be like them.

I believe some people misunderstood what I meant regarding Shellie Zimmerman. I did not intend to minimize what she said or did. I agree that her behavior protecting her husband, lying to the court about his assets at the bond hearing, and her participation in the devious scheme to falsely claim that Tracy Martin threatened someone in the Zimmerman family in order to persuade Judge Nelson to exclude Tracy Martin from the courtroom was wrong and reprehensible. I also suspect that she is racist and her chuckle regarding her husband’s comment about wearing a hoodie when he was released from jail was particularly insensitive and offensive.

No one should assume that I have approved of anything she said or did before she decided to divorce her husband. I have stated that her public statements and conduct in the case are consistent with the behavior of an abused and battered spouse. I also said that actions speak louder than words, so I am reserving judgment about her until we see what she does.

After reviewing my statements this weekend about Shellie, I realize that I did not clearly express myself. Therefore, I apologize for the confusion that I caused.

Finally, I still believe that she is a minor character in this tragedy. I said and still believe that the tone of many comments rejecting the possibility that she was a battered spouse was insensitive and disrespectful of the comments and feelings of many of our readers who have recently admitted that they were abused. I wanted that to stop.

Again, I thank Tzar for his thoughtful comment that inspired me to write this article.


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Fred and Crane

Hate and rage have no place in our hearts or in our blog

September 27, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Good morning:

Hate and rage have no place in our hearts or in our blog.

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

Some of our mistakes are intentional and some are not.

Maybe Shellie Zimmerman is a sympathetic human being slowly emerging from a fog of abuse or maybe she is a grifter attempting to even up the score with a grifter husband who dumped her. Maybe she is a mixture of both. Regardless what we believe, the truth will be revealed as we watch from afar.

Shellie is at a crossroad in her life and we can only watch as she chooses what to do.

She is what she is and she will be whatever she decides to be.

Whatever choice she makes for whatever reason should have little or no impact on our lives.

Instead of shrieking at her, why not thank her for exposing something in us that we may need to own and decide to change?

Have we not been taught to believe in redemption, rebirth, tolerance, love and forgiveness?

Why not light a candle in your heart for her and offer a prayer that she makes the right choice?

Are there not far more important matters than Shellie Zimmerman’s life decisions going on in the world that have real life consequences to each of us?

For example, the United Nations Climate Change Report will be released today.

Think on this:

The Lord is spirit: and where the Lord’s spirit is, freedom is. The veils no longer cover our faces — we all behold the glory of the Lord and are transformed into his image from one level of glory to another; and this comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3 :17-18

Peace be with you.


Is Shellie Zimmerman wavering

September 26, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Good afternoon:

This just in:

Crane and I have errands to run this afternoon.

(H/T to Two sides to a Story for the link)


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George Zimmerman can be served with divorce papers by publication

September 24, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Good morning:

George Zimmerman can be served with divorce papers by publication.

Florida Statutes 49.021: Service of process by publication, upon whom.—Where personal service of process or, if appropriate, service of process under s. 48.194 cannot be had, service of process by publication may be had upon any party, natural or corporate, known or unknown, including:

(1) Any known or unknown natural person, and, when described as such, the unknown spouse, heirs, devisees, grantees, creditors, or other parties claiming by, through, under, or against any known or unknown person who is known to be dead or is not known to be either dead or alive.

When a lawyer representing a party to a lawsuit, or a party representing himself without a lawyer, cannot serve a summons and the complaint or petition on the opposing party because he cannot locate the opposing party, the law permits service to be accomplished by publishing a copy of the summons and the complaint in the local newspaper every day for 90 successive days.

Publication in the Orlando Sentinel would suffice.

At the end of the 90 days, the lawyer must file an affidavit of service by publication attaching the summons and complaint or petition and describing the efforts undertaken to find the opposing party.

Service by publication will not be deemed effective, unless all reasonable efforts to locate the opposing party were attempted without success.

In the typical case, the party attempting to obtain service on the non-responding party, goes to court to obtain an order of default after the time period within which to respond to the complaint or petition expires, which is usually 20 days and starts running after the 90 day period for service by publication.

The purpose for requiring all reasonable efforts to serve the opposing party in person before resorting to service by publication is to prevent a party from obtaining a default judgment against another party without actual notice to them.

Someone in the comments mentioned the possibility that Shellie’s lawyer, Kelly Sims, might be able to serve Mark O’Mara with the divorce papers, however, the attorney typically has to agree to accept service for the client and I doubt he would agree to do that since he announced that he will not represent him on the divorce and may not know where he is living or even be in contact with him.

My impression is GZ has refused to assist O’Mara to recoup his costs in the criminal case and O’Mara no longer wants to have anything to do with him with the single exception of the pending NBC lawsuit that probably is not worth anything, given the acquittal.


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George Zimmerman hides to avoid service of process in divorce

September 22, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Good morning:

Cowardly George Zimmerman is hiding again.

This time he is hiding from his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, who is seeking to divorce him.

Her lawyer, Kelly Sims, cannot find him to serve him with a copy of the divorce petition.

The strategy will not work, however, because he can be served by publication.

Mr. Sims need only publish the divorce petition in the local newspaper for 90 days at the conclusion of which the court will deem him to have been served.

What do you all think of Chief Bracknell’s emails about George Zimmerman

September 13, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Good evening:

Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell has described George Zimmerman as a time bomb waiting to explode in Sandy-Hook fashion, which has been my impression for a long time.

Frankly, I will be surprised if he does not kill Shellie Zimmerman or her lawyer Kelly Sims. Even Mark O’Mara might be at risk.

Here is a link to the emails.

Here’s Trained Observer’s comment from a little earlier today incorporating an earlier comment by Bandit:

Finally a voice of reason from law enforcement. Here’s an MSNBC report via FreakoutNation:

Florida Sheriff: If I had the authority, I would consider revoking Zimmerman’s Firearm License

September 13, 2013
By Bandit

Stating he has serious concerns about George Zimmerman’s actions, Police Chief Steve Bracknell said today that if the had the authority, he would consider revoking George Zimmerman’s firearm license, MSNBC reports. Bracknell is police chief in the city where Zimmerman resides.

Steve Bracknell, the chief of police in Lake Mary, said during a telephone interview with NBC News, “I’m a small-town police chief. If I had the authority to revoke his firearm license, I would certainly sit down and consider that.”

“Does anyone else except me see a pattern?” Bracknell added. “The word firearm keeps popping up.”

Although no gun was found on Zimmerman during the most recent incident this past Monday, Bracknell stated that Mr. Zimmerman did have a gun in his car.

In an email exchange reported by Think Progress, Chief Bracknell did tell a concerned citizen that Zimmerman had a gun in his car.

Bracknell wrote, “We did not have the authority to search his truck. He DID have a firearm in the truck. Having a firearm is not a violation of Florida law.”

Zimmerman’s former attorney previously stated on Monday that Mr. Zimmerman did have a gun.

The chief also wrote in response to the citizen’s suggestion that police in Florida were covering for Zimmerman, “REST ASSURED, the last thing on planet earth I want is ANY relationship with the Zimmermans. PERIOD.”

Bracknell also told NBC News he has “concerns” about Zimmerman. “I think a lot of people do,” Bracknell said.

Lake Mary resident Santiago Rodriguez, upset that police failed to file charges, fired off a strongly worded email – criticizing the department and Zimmerman.

Rodriguez calls Zimmerman a “ticking time bomb” and says he’s another “Sandy Hook” waiting to happen… apparently comparing him to someone capable of a mass shooting. In response to the email dated Sept 10th, 2013, Chief Steve Bracknell said “Your reference to Sandy Hook… I agree.”When contacted by the site for comment on his initial agreeance, Chief Bracknell distanced himself saying he was “referring to the fact that [Zimmerman] seems to be involved in incidents” involving firearms.

Charles P. Pierce at Esquire writes, “OK, that’s the least convincing “walk back” I’ve ever read. The guy wrote, “Sandy Hook.” The chief said, specifically, “Sandy Hook…I agree,” but now he says that he was agreeing with something else? Nope. Dog won’t hunt. Which is not to say that Crimebuster George isn’t “involved in incidents involving firearms.” He’s certainly been that.”

Earlier this week, there were doubts regarding whether Chief Bracknell actually said these things. Well, not any longer because he has basically confirmed them.

Your thoughts?

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