I support Shaun King and Black Lives Matter

August 20, 2015

I support Shaun King and the Black-Lives-Matter movement.

King has been accused by Breitbart News of falsely claiming that he is biracial. Gawker is reporting,

Breitbart’s report, authored by the British Gamergate activist Milo Yiannopoulos, suggests that King has repeatedly lied about his race, illicitly obtained a scholarship funded by Oprah Winfrey for men attending a historically black university, and exaggerated the severity of physical injuries he sustained during a 1995 hate crime and an unrelated car accident. Yiannopoulos draws heavily from documents obtained by Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross and a blogger named Vickie Pate, the latter of whom appears to be obsessively devoted to smearing black people who were killed by police officers and discrediting black people who managed to survive police brutality.

I was viciously attacked by Vickie Pate, Mike Thacker, David Piercy and others when I wrote a series of articles criticizing self-defense claims by George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn, Theodore Wafer and Darren Wilson. Pate, Thacker and Piercy attempted to discredit me by making a series of false allegations, claiming among other things that I was a “failed lawyer” who had been disbarred by the Washington State Bar Association. Thacker even went so far as to establish a Word Press website dedicated to publishing false and defamatory information about me. Word Press removed his website at my request.

Pate, Thacker, Piercy and the right-wing-hate-machine to which they belong have no credibility and should be ignored.


Weekend reads and open thread

November 22, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Good afternoon:

The waiting continues as we are being told that the grand jury did not reach a decision yesterday regarding whether they should indict Darren Wilson.

I won’t bother to speculate about what is going on because I have already decided that the process is illegitimate.

Meanwhile, most of you have been following Shaun King’s fine work analyzing the Michael Brown shooting. Here is his latest, Video: Police lied. Mike Brown was killed 148 feet away from Darren Wilson’s SUV.

FYI: Here is an excerpt from a book by George Lakoff titled, The Strict Father Is at the Core of Conservative Ideology and Values.

For a pleasant change of pace, check out this article by Paul Bibeau titled, Should We Defund The Pentagon And Give That Money To Canadian Musicians?

Best wishes to all,

Fred and Crane

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