#MH370: Ocean Shield en route to resume search with Bluefin 21

May 11, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy mothers Day!

Good morning:

Reuters is reporting that the Ocean Shield is en route to a location in the Indian Ocean approximately 1,000 miles NW of Perth to resume searching for #MH370 with the Bluefin 21, the US Navy’s autonomous torpedo-shaped underwater drone equipped with side sonar to map the ocean bottom.

The new location is where searchers detected the first sequence of pings using the towed pinger locator. The sequence, which lasted about two hours, was the longest sequence detected.

This new search will build on the 121 square mile search that was centered on the second sequence of pings, which lasted about 13 minutes.

Both sequences of pings were detected April 5th.

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