The Feynman Series – Beauty and Think Like a Martian

April 26, 2014

posted by Crane-Station

The Feynman Series is a collection of videos narrated by physicist Richard Feynman and featuring footage from NASA, BBC Planet Earth, Microcosmos, Chronos, and others. The creator is Reid Gower, who also made The Sagan Series.

The Feynman Series: Beauty

MUSIC : Goldmund – Threnody
NARRATION: Richard Feynman – The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
BBC Planet Earth
BBC Life
BBC The Grand Rift
BBC The Secret Life Of Chaos
BBC The South Pacific

The Feynman Series- Think Like a Martian

Music: Philip Glass – Invitation
Narration: Richard Feynman

Think Like a Martian is Reid Gower’s most recent addition to The Feynman Series. To view other segments in the series, and also, to see The Sagan Series, please visit Reid Gower’s YouTube channel.

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