Open-carry enthusiasts in Ohio protest a police shooting that killed a young black man in a WalMart

October 8, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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In this bizarre country where up is down and down is up, open-carry enthusiasts in Beavercreek, OH demonstrated inside a Walmart against a white police officer for shooting and killing twenty-two-year-old John Crawford III inside the Walmart on August 5th. They openly carried their weapons as they strolled through the store.

Crawford, who is black, was carrying an unloaded toy pellet gun that he apparently intended to purchase when the officer, who responded to a 911 call from a Walmart customer reporting a man with an unboxed AR-15 waving it around and pointing it at people, confronted and shot him to death. A state grand jury refused to indict the officer, however, a federal grand jury is now investigating whether to indict him for violating Crawford’s civil rights.

Raw Story reported on Monday,

About 40 open-carry activists protested the Aug. 5 police shooting of 22-year-old John Crawford III at the Beavercreek retailer after a grand jury declined last month to charge the officer who killed him.

In addition to weapons, the demonstrators carried signs that said “I am John Crawford” and “Serve and Protect. Not Serve to Kill.”

According to attorney Michael Wright, who represents Crawford’s father, he watched a store video that shows Crawford walking around the store with the unpackaged toy rifle that he picked up in the toy department and carrying it in his left hand as he was holding a cell phone to his ear with his while speaking the mother of his two children.

Crawford’s father and Wright said the video showed Crawford carrying the BB gun in his left hand, pointed at the floor, except when he momentarily swung the rifle to his shoulder.

Although there were other shoppers in the store, no one else called 911.

And the killings continue.

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