Defense seeks permission to slime dead victim in Theodore Wafer case

June 20, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Good morning:

The defense is asking the court for permission to slime homicide victim, Renisha McBride, 19, in Theodore Wafer case. Armed with a 12 gauge shotgun, he unlocked, opened his front door, and shot her in the face through the locked screen door in response to her knocking on his door early one morning before sunrise. She was unarmed.

He was charged with murder and is claiming self-defense.

Trial is scheduled to start July 21st.

Wafer is scheduled to be in court this morning for a hearing on his motion to introduce bad character evidence about Renisha McBride.

The defense is claiming that her social media, including photos on her cell phone, and school records are admissible to show that she had an aggressive and violent disposition.

They also want to introduce evidence that the character of the neighborhood was changing and McBride may have been knocking on his door by mistake thinking a marijuana dealer lived there.

I wrote about the issues that will be addressed at the hearing: <a href="Theodore Wafer has an important pretrial hearing today“>Theodore Wafer has an important pretrial hearing today

Apparently there will not be any television or live stream coverage.

Am not seeing any tweets either at #TheodoreWafer so apparently no reporters are covering it.

Here’s an article in the Detroit News about the hearing this morning.

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