Justice for Trayvon shall become Justice for Everyone

July 24, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good afternoon my friends:

I believe we need to begin considering other cases. I am not suggesting that we should abandon seeking justice for Trayvon. I am recommending that we take what we have learned from Trayvon’s case, the trial, and the dreadful verdict and apply it to other cases.

Let justice for Trayvon become justice for everyone.

I recommend we focus our attention on the Jordan Davis murder because it’s another Florida self-defense case similar to the Trayvon Martin murder and Angela Corey’s office will be prosecuting the defendant, Michael Dunn. I believe Angela Corey will be the lead prosecutor and she will be assisted by John Guy. We are familiar with him because he was a member of the prosecution team that lost the Zimmerman trial.

The case is scheduled for trial on September 23, 2013.

Michael Dunn, who is 46-years-old, is charged with one count of first degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. The incident occurred at a gas station in Jacksonville last November. According to police, he shot into a Dodge Durango occupied by four black teenagers after arguing with them about their loud music. Despite firing many shots, Davis was the only one hit. Dunn told police that he feared for his life because he saw one of the boys pointing a shotgun. Police did not find a firearm in the vehicle and none of the boys were armed. Dunn, who has been denied bail, is represented by Corey Strolla.

The case is assigned to Judge Russell Healey. Strolla and Dunn were in court last Tuesday, July 16. Larry Hannan of Jacksonville.com describes what happened:

Tuesday’s hearing was the first since Judge Russell Healey replaced judges Suzanne Bass and Mallory Cooper, who each excused themselves from the case.

Strolla sought Bass’ removal after accusing her of misconduct and bias against his client. Cooper is now handling another high-profile case, Donald James Smith for 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle’s sexual assault and death.
Bass denied Dunn bail, refused a motion to have the state declare him indigent and pushed to have the trial in September even though his attorneys said it was unrealistic.

With a new judge, Strolla sought to revisit bail and Dunn’s indigent status. But Healey denied both requests.

If Dunn had been declared indigent, the state would have been required to pay for investigations Strolla wanted to conduct into the crime.

Bass and Healey both denied the motion because Strolla is being paid $7,500 a month to represent Dunn. Strolla said Dunn’s parents are paying him, and not Dunn himself, but both judges said that didn’t matter.

Strolla also reiterated his previous statement that he would not be ready for trial in September and told Healey the earliest he could be prepared is February. Healey told Strolla he wanted to try the case this year, but for now the trial date remains set for Sept. 23.

Go to the following link to review the discovery (H/T to fauxmccoy for providing the link):



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