Jury selection on hold in Dunn case as media fights order excluding them from courtroom

February 3, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Good morning:

Michael Dunn’s trial is off to a slow start with the media protesting the court’s decision to exclude them from the courtroom during jury selection. Judge Healey said they could listen to an audio feed in an overflow courtroom, but would be prohibited from observing the proceedings.

The Florida Times-Union at Jacksonville.com is reporting:

George Gabel, attorney for both news organizations argued Monday morning that under the law the media must be allowed into the courtroom during jury selection. The current plan for the trial has the media in an overflow courtroom getting an audio feed that allows them to hear, but not see, jury selection.

Gabel said an audio feed was not sufficient because the media cannot watch the interaction among the lawyers, facial expressions of people and other things that require sight.

The prosecution and defense want the media excluded.

If Judge Healey refuses to allow them in the courtroom, an emergency appeal is likely.

Meanwhile jury selection is on hold.

Stay tuned.


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