Two new eyewitnesses to Michael Brown shooting refute bull-rush scenario

September 9, 2014

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Tuesday, September, 9, 2014

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The New York Daily News is reporting that two new eyewitnesses to the Michael Brown shooting have confirmed what other eyewitnesses have said.

The two eyewitnesses are important because they did not know Brown, reside in Ferguson or have family there.

They witnessed the shooting while working outside on a construction project at one of the apartment buildings that line the street where Michael was killed. They heard a single shot, looked up and saw Michael Brown running.

The first eyewitness said,

As the teen ran another shot was fired, according to the witness who spoke to the Post-Dispatch. The teen then stumbled and stopped, as if wounded, and put his hands in the air.

” ‘OK, OK, OK, OK, OK,’ ” the man recounted Brown’s words while turning to face Wilson, whose weapon was drawn.

Brown allegedly then moved while keeping his hands in the air.

“He’s kind of walking back toward the cop,” the witness told the paper.

Like Wilson, Brown moved too, he said. The officer took several steps back and opened fire.

The witness said Brown was shot three times before he began to drop his arms and move toward Wilson. He said the teen managed to get about 25 feet toward the officer.

“I don’t know if he was going after him or if he was falling down to die,” he told the paper. “It wasn’t a bull-rush.”

The second eyewitness said the officer never said anything to Michael Brown before he ran after him and unleashed a barrage of shots.

“At first his gun was down and then he … got about 8 to 10 feet away from him … I heard six, seven shots … it seemed like seven. Then he put his gun down. That’s when Michael stumbled forward. I’d say about 25 feet or so and then fell right on his face,” the co-worker told the station.

Although these statements describe movement by the officer and Brown, they are consistent with the results of Dr. Baden’s autopsy and do not support the bull-rush scenario provided on Facebook by a female friend of the officer who presumably repeated what he told her.

No eyewitness saw Michael Brown rush the officer. Every eyewitness describes an execution.

We are witnessing a continuing disgrace that the officer has not been arrested and charged with murder.

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