Did George Zimmerman steal Hoch Sollst Du Leben’s photo? UPDATE BELOW

December 17, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good morning:

Did George Zimmerman steal Hoch Sollst Du Leben’s photo?

I have to link to and cannot display the photograph because it’s copyrighted with all rights reserved, but you can see it by clicking on the link.

Here’s a link to George Zimmerman’s “original” artwork

I recommend opening 2 browser pages and display the two images side by side.

The current bid on his “original painting” is $100,000.

I posted a comment on Hoch Sollst Du Leben’s flickr page notifying him.


UPDATE: EarlG @ Democratic Underground is reporting that they purchased the original image from Getty Images for $20 over 10 years ago to put it on tee-shirts. They progressively show how the image was photoshopped.

One priceless comment @ DU by blueinannarbor: “At least Andy Warhol painted his own soup can.”

Don’t know how Hoch Sollst Du Leben figures in all of this.


Come on, now. I got this internet firestorm started, or at least did so simultaneously with a few others. If everyone who has not contributed a donation this month, would donate $5, I could end this fund drive.


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