Porcelain Unicorn and The Butterfly Circus

July 4, 2013

posted by Crane-Station

Good morning! Wishing everyone a relaxing and safe Fourth. If you live in a town with spectacular fireworks, I enjoy hearing about that.

While Fred works on his post for today, I will put up two beautiful and short inspirational films. Porcelain Unicorn has less than ten words, and is one of the best investments of three minutes I have ever seen.

By reader request this morning, I am re-posting the beautiful short film called The Butterfly Circus, in case you missed it:

Finally, while we are on the topic of very touching film, this is actually a 49-second ad, that was also award-winning:

I love films and film clips as you know, and for inspiration, these are a few of my favorites.

Today’s post from Fred? May have to do with whether or not GZ will testify. I am and have been wondering what he has to gain, or lose, by testifying, and will be interested in reading the discussion.

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