New video in Kendrick Johnson case confirms he was wearing long pants

November 7, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Good afternoon:

The video that I was eagerly anticipating today in the Kendrick Johnson case is basically useless.

The extremely blurry video released by the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office makes it impossible to determine if Kendrick Johnson ever approached the area of the gym where the mats were stored. The video also does not display the critically important area at the top of the mats, so there is no way to determine if anyone was there at any time relevant to the investigation. The video has a herky-jerky quality because the cameras were responding to motion detection sensors.

However, one shot of Kendrick inside the gym just after he entered through the hallway door confirms my observation yesterday that he was wearing long pants.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we still have a mystery.


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