Trump is a dangerous demagogue and conspiracy theorist who must be defeated

The Washington Post is reporting today regarding a new Washington Post-ABC News poll,

The poll finds 70 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump, including a 56 percent majority who feel this way “strongly.” Negative ratings of Trump are up 10 percentage points from last month to their highest point since he announced his candidacy last summer, nearly reaching the level seen before his campaign began (71 percent). The survey was conducted Wednesday through Sunday among a random national sample of U.S. adults, coming after last week’s primary contests, but with the large majority of interviews completed before Sunday’s massacre at an Orlando club.

[Emphasis supplied]

Little wonder that his negative ratings are climbing out of sight. He’s a conspiracy theorist. Remember, he’s the racist birther extraordinaire who challenged President Obama’s presidency on the ground that Obama was supposedly born in Kenya and raised Muslim. He continues to push this racist nonsense despite Obama’s long form birth certificate that verifies his birth in Hawai’i.

Instead of demonstrating respect for the dead and wounded in Orlando, he is continuing to play the race/religion card by publicly hammering President Obama with the insane accusation that he is an ISIS sympathizer.

Again, from the Washington Post,

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), a leading national security hawk, said he had “run out of adjectives” for Trump. “I don’t think he has the judgment or the temperament, the experience to deal with what we are facing,” said Graham, who does not currently support the mogul.

Graham, like other Republicans, took issue with Trump’s apparent suggestions in Monday interviews that Obama may identify with the radical Muslim terrorists. Obama “either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind,” Trump told Fox News.

Trump expanded on that Tuesday, saying in an emailed response to questions from the Associated Press: “President Obama claims to know our enemy, and yet he continues to prioritize our enemy over our allies and, for that matter, the American people.”

Graham said that Trump “seems to be suggesting that the president is one of ‘them.’ I find that highly offensive. I find that whole line of reasoning way off base. My problems with President Obama are his policy choices.”

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who faces a challenging reelection bid, also called Trump’s insinuations about Obama “offensive.”

The outrage is not confined to criticizing President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Trump also attacked the Washington Post for reporting the truth; that is, that he had suggested the president is sympathetic to ISIS. He revoked their credentials to attend his rallies and press conferences.

So much for his respect for the First Amendment.

Unlike senators Graham and Johnson, most Republicans are taking the cowardly approach by avoiding the press. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the majority leader of the Senate, who cannot run away and hide, is refusing to answer any questions about the “presumptive nominee.” Speaker Paul Ryan respectfully and quietly disagrees with Trump, but continues to support him.

The Republicans can run but they can’t hide. They own him, unless they replace him. If they fail to do so, they deserve to end up as a footnote in history listed with the Whigs as a failed U.S. political party.

Meanwhile, I’m watching Trump on TV, a vulgar imbecile with an orange face and sticky hair preaching to his racist low-information voters about a conspiracy between President Obama and Hillary Clinton to conceal his Muslim beliefs and sympathy for ISIS while protecting her from being charged with federal crimes for using a private email server, which isn’t a crime.

We’re not going to get any help from the cowardly Republicans.

We’re going to have to turn out and vote for Hillary Clinton whether we like her or not.

Donald Trump is a dangerous demagogue who must be defeated.

Despite the encouraging new poll, we must not fall asleep at the wheel. This is no time to be nonchalant. We must take his threat seriously and act accordingly.

He will destroy our constitution and our democracy if we fail.

20 Responses to Trump is a dangerous demagogue and conspiracy theorist who must be defeated

    • gblock says:

      It is disappointing. While the original claims of local law enforcement that he ended up in that position because he reached between the mats and fell in are ridiculous, it probably would have been difficult or impossible to come up with adequate evidence as to who was at fault.

    • bettykath says:

      So much evidence was destroyed and man-handled that there should be charges of evidence tampering. I guess police “incompetence” isn’t criminal.

    • This is not an exoneration. It’s an insufficient evidence situation. Sometimes there’s a difference between what happened and what you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. The family still doesn’t have an explanation of the private pathologist’s finding regarding cause of death due to blunt force trauma to the neck.

  1. girlp says:

    The Republicans seem not to know what to do, they thought they could control him but they can’t the Mother Jones article posted by the Professor is excellent, the article presents great arguments as to why we should be concerned. Trump is dangerous to this Nation and the world. How can his supporters not see that dictators love him, they like his style, I mean he wants to meet with Kim Jong-un, an obvious sociopath two peas in a pod. I am looking at Canada if Trump wins, I refuse to live under this man. How can the Republican party stand behind such a sick person.

    • How can the Republican party stand behind such a sick person?

      Because they are politicians without principles who sold out to the rich, the racists, the haters, the fundies and the NRA.

      • girlp says:

        I am so worried, I never thought there would be anyone worse than Bush

        • He’s so far down in the tank now and his attitude toward the RNC is so bad that it looks like he’s no longer a threat to win, unless we have several more mass shootings or bombings by Muslims and they happen close to the election.

          I don’t believe it’s very likely Hillary will be indicted for her email improprieties, but if I’m wrong that could cause a problem.

          • bettykath says:

            I think you are correct that Hillary won’t be indicted, although she should be, but then, Bush/Cheney/et al weren’t but should have been. However, if she were to be indicted before the convention, the best choice would be Bernie who would have won if the Clinton/DNC hadn’t flipped so many voter registrations and cut the number of voting places. But the DNC is still smarting over the “outsider” coming in and nearly snatching her highness’s crown. Most likely they would bring in Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. I would vote for Bernie, but will vote for Jill Stein.

      • You are exactly right. There is no other explanation.

      • girlp says:

        Trump made a big mistake banning press members now they will report exactly what he speaks they will analyze his words without questioning him, his side will not be known which is a good thing, nothing can be twisted and he will be shown to be as bad as he is.

  2. Malisha says:

    With Trump, as with Hitler, facts had no effect on the willingness of the people to go along with a program that was not only transparently evil and wrong, but also OBVIOUSLY doomed to total failure and with great destructive power to the very people (the common angry Germans) who supported it. Hitler ended up throwing his own country down the toilet; only reconstruction by benevolent victorious white guys saved it. But who will be the benevolent victorious white guys ready to save the U.S. after Trump finishes destroying all he can possibly touch while armed angry knuckle-dragging racists enthused by their beloved orange-head kill their thousands and tens of thousands with their AK-15s and their militarized police tanks?


    Nobody. We’re going to fall harder than any Rome ever did if Trump grabs the reigns.

  3. MichelleO says:

    Unfortunately, we are seeing the beginning of another American Civil War. I am in fear, and am now researching places to live, so that me and mine will not experience what my parents and grandparents did. There are people who truly want to hurt their neighbors, and have no problems with bloodshed in the streets.

    Yes, the common man and woman will help the government do what it ha not been able to do for a very long time: subjugate and murder one another.

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