Trump is unqualified to be president

Donald Trump is unqualified to be our next president because he acts like a thug, does not know how our system of government works and he lacks the proper temperament to govern in the best interests of everyone. Thuggery and poor temperament cannot be fixed because that is who he is. He admires those ‘qualities’ in himself and he is unlikely to change. While lack of knowledge can be fixed by learning, given sufficient time and commitment, he has not demonstrated that he realizes he is ignorant about anything. A president who respects no one except himself and who relies on intimidation to get what he wants is not suited to govern democratically in the best interests of the many as opposed to the few.

He has been conducting a war against people who protest at his public appearances by calling them bad people, ordering security personnel to evict them and offering to pay the legal fees of anyone who assaults them. He has invoked his right to freedom of speech to justify excluding and assaulting protesters. He mistakenly believes that the Freedom of Speech Clause in the First Amendment protects his right to speak to his supporters, but it does not protect people who disagree with him. He has it backwards. The Freedom of Speech Clause protects people who disagree with the government and the Freedom of Assembly Clause protects them when they assemble in a public place to express their dissent. Instead, he abuses the First Amendment to eliminate dissent rather than protect it. This is what dictators do. They criminalize dissent and govern from the top down by proclamation. People who disagree are imprisoned or killed.

Next, let’s take a look at the Corey Lewandowski case. He is Trump’s campaign director who was charged recently with battery for grabbing a reporter and pulling her away from Trump while she was questioning him. Wikipedia provides a summary of the incident.

On March 8, 2016, Michelle Fields, a reporter for Breitbart News, alleged she was yanked out of the way and bruised by Lewandowski while attempting to pose a question to candidate Donald Trump while he was exiting a room in the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida following a press conference. Ben Terris of the Washington Post identified Lewandowski as the man who yanked her.[24][25][26] The Trump campaign denied the allegations, as did Lewandowski on his Twitter feed, wherein he denied ever having touched her.

On March 29, 2016, Lewandowski was charged with one count of simple battery by the Jupiter Police Department for the March 8 incident. A court date was set for May 4, 2016, after Lewandowski surrendered himself to the authorities. He released a statement maintaining his innocence. The Jupiter Police also released closed-circuit video of the incident taken by an overhead camera at the Trump National Golf Club resort.

Battery, which is defined as an ‘unpermitted touching,’ is a misdemeanor crime. The touching must be the result of an intentional act, as opposed to an unconscious, inadvertent, or accidental act. A video shows Fields suddenly being yanked backward and she has bruises on her arm caused by the person who grabbed her. Although we cannot see the hand and arm of the person who yanked her backward, Lewandowski was right behind her in a position where he could have grabbed her arm or, at a minimum, was in position to have seen who did. No one else appears to have been close enough to have grabbed her, however, and she has identified Lewandowski as the person who grabbed her. Ben Terris, a reporter for the Washington Post, has independently confirmed the identification. This evidence certainly is sufficient to establish probable cause (reasonable grounds) to believe that Lewandowski committed a battery.

At first Lewandowski denied that he touched Fields. Recently, however, he conceded that might have inadvertently touched her. He and Trump have denied knowing her. Curiously, both have accused her of being ‘crazy.’ Neither has explained how they would know that if they had no idea who she was. Trump attacked Fields yesterday for reporting such an ‘insignificant’ matter to the police and suggested that she should have been charged for harassing him. This is intolerable victim-shaming, a form of witness intimidation that potentially could be the subject of a new criminal charge.

This is not how we handle criminal cases in this country. A defendant who has been charged with a crime can admit or deny guilt. If he were to deny guilt, the matter would be scheduled for trial. He would be released and the case would be dismissed, if the jury finds him not guilty. The matter would proceed to sentencing if the jury finds him guilty.

Trump is trampling Lewandowski’s right to due process of law while putting the victim on trial. This stunt will likely backfire by alienating women voters, a result he can ill afford since 70% of women surveyed in a recent poll said they would not vote for Trump.

Trump aggravated the situation yesterday when he told MSNBC’s Chris Mathews that he believes women who have abortions should be sentenced to prison, if abortion were to be legalized. He changed his mind later in the day after he was criticized by Ted Cruz and John Kasich. He now agrees with them. If the SCOTUS were to overrule Roe v. Wade, they would punish the person who performed the abortion, but not the woman, whom they would regard as a victim.

In conclusion, We want a president who is knowledgeable about the issues of the day and not given to shooting from the hip. Electing Donald Trump would be a disaster.

11 Responses to Trump is unqualified to be president

  1. bettykath says:

    I agree that Trump would be a disaster as president but I have a question about “freedom of speech”. I thought that meant that the government couldn’t curtail speech. Trump isn’t the government so why does he have to put up with the protestors at his events? If he uses police to get rid of the protestors, I see the point since they are part of the government, but I think he relies more on his supporters and his own bouncers. The police seem to be involved when things get violent. Or maybe I’m not seeing enough.

    • gblock says:

      He is allowed to have protesters removed from his events. The problem is that he has encouraged violent actions against protesters, suggesting that this is what they deserve. In a couple of cases, supporters have hit individual protesters as the protester was already being escorted out by security. When asked about such incidents, Trump has always blamed the protester and taken the side of the aggressor, claiming that the person was acting in “self-defense”.

    • You’re right and wrong. Technically, the First Amendment prevents the government from prohibiting free speech, but that implies that it exists. Certainly applies on all govt owned property and the police must respect it when they carry out the law.

      I meant it in the broader context that Trump does not understand that it’s a right to protest.

  2. gblock says:

    Did any of the rest of you see Elizabeth Warren’s appearance on Stephen Colbert last night? She aptly said something like “Donald Trump will be watching out for just one person, and that’s Donald Trump.”

    As for the abortion issue, I doubt that he really cares one way or another. He just wants to echo the party line on this issue.

  3. girlp says:

    Another issue across the country (Red States)

  4. Rev Bev says:

    What has been overlooked,,,but well reported by Matt Lauer, this is the same staff who attacked a protester at an earlier event, maybe Chicago. That should certainly been more widely reported; there were pictures there as well.

  5. fauxmccoy says:

    i find myself vacillating between disgust at what passes as political discourse in the republican party and utter delight at the demise of said party.

    ultimately though, as much as trump is a complete disaster, what troubles me most is the knowledge that some 30-40% of the republican party support him and his authoritarian wanna-be regime. thank god that a minority of the republican party is an even smaller minority of our electorate.

  6. Malisha says:

    I think if Trump were president, we could just save a lot of tax dollars by disbanding the judicial branch of govt. anyway. If a person did something King Trump disliked, they could just get shot (1 bullet, and make the Mexicans pay for it) and over and done with. If they did something Trump DID like, whoever complained against them could get shot (1 bullet, and make their family pay for it) too. That way, he could make America great again. See? No victim blaming, no due process, no new Supreme Court justice, just what the Repugnicans have been dreaming of since King Reagan’s grand entrance.

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