Cruz Sex Scandal: True or False

I never thought I would be gossip writer. Oh well . . .

The National Enquirer has published a story titled, SHOCKING CLAIMS: Pervy Ted Cruz Caught Cheating — With 5 Secret Mistresses!, that has the nation all atwitter (#CruzSexScandal). Before you dismiss this story, consider that the magazine broke the story about John Edwards affair with a campaign aide who bore his child.

This story claims that Ted Cruz has had affairs with five women, including Katrina Pierson who is Donald Trump’s spokesperson. She has a connection to Ted Cruz. Wikipedia reports,

In January 2015, Pierson attended a meeting for Tea Party activists in Myrtle Beach with Ted Cruz; while in Myrtle Beach, she also met with Donald Trump. After meeting with Trump or his aides a few more times in the spring,Pierson introduced Trump at a campaign rally held in Dallas in September. In November 2015, she was hired as the national spokesperson for Trump’s campaign, subsequently appearing frequently on television in this capacity.

Another woman identified in the article is Amanda Carpenter. Wikipedia reports that she:

is an American author, political advisor, and speechwriter. She previously worked as a columnist for The Washington Times, and is the author of The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy’s Dossier on Hillary Rodham Clinton. She has worked in the staffs for Senators Jim DeMint and Ted Cruz. In 2014, the Capitol Hill publication Roll Call reported that Carpenter had surpassed 50,000 Twitter followers, far more than other congressional staffers.

Both women have denied the accusation as has Cruz, who blames Donald Trump.

Trump certainly has a motive to make a false accusation, however, I doubt he would have identified his own spokesperson as one of Cruz’s mistresses knowing she wasn’t.

I will leave to you all to decide whether the story is true or false.

Your faithful scribe

12 Responses to Cruz Sex Scandal: True or False

  1. roderick2012 says:

    My first impression of Cruz was that he was gay and Heidi was a lesbian and it was a marriage of convenience.

    I can’t imagine any woman actually being attracted to Cruz’s nasally voice and ferret face.

    And some how I don’t believe he’s a sweet talker like Gov. Bentley of Alabama./ sarc

    Ha,ha, ha!!

  2. bettykath says:

    Gee, we have a great love fest going on here with a couple of guys, neither of whom is the kind of person I want in the WH.

    I suspect the story is true or maybe it’s just my bias that Cruz is the kind of sleaze that would have serial affairs. OTOH, maybe the NE really, really wants Trump to get the nomination.

  3. Malisha says:

    I just naturally suspect anybody whose wife states publicly that they will govern the U.S.A. with “a combination of law and religion” to be a miscreant in any way that he has an opportunity for miscreation. It also seems to me that Cruz’s bragging about spanking his little daughters for “lying” identifies him as a power-hungry, insecure, angry, misogynistic punk and those are the exact kinds who have affairs with any women they can manage to get horizontal for 10 seconds (the duration of their little … upstandings).

    Their wives and mistresses all have shortcomings.

    • bettykath says:

      I find it ironic that a guy who wants to round up all Muslims announces a state primary win with the equivalent of Allahu Akbar!, something he considers offensive.

  4. girlp says:

    Oh my how the right wing has turned into tabloid fodder, this has gone from small hands to who has the prettiest wife now affairs…..the Republican presidential nomination is going downhill fast when are they ever get to real policies to “make “America great again”( like they ever had any). Trump has his own issues from the past and maybe RICO charges in the near future. I have never seen anything like this before scary but not boring.

  5. Two sides to a story says:

    There’s also the question of why the Trump campaign paid the Fiorina campaign 500k last summer and the allegation is that one of the women was Fiorina’s campaign manager (or some position).

    • Two sides to a story says:

      PS – I mean why the CRUZ campaign gave 500k to the Fiorina campaign. My bad – typing too fast.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        PS – As far as Trump goes, he reportedly has ties to NE, but apparently some conservative news outlets knew about this story and have been sitting on it for quite some time.

  6. Two sides to a story says:

    I watched Twitter blow up last night over this. National Enquirer supposedly vets their stories with lawyers. I’ve seen them embroiled in many lawsuits over the years, but on the other hand, they did break some similar legitimate stories – John Edwards comes to mind, and there are many others.

    Cruz has always left me with the impression that he’s a sleazy, cynical liar. I don’t think he’s any more appropriate for the position of POTUS than Trump.

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