What did Hillary Clinton tell the Wall Street bankers to earn millions in speaking fees

Hillary Clinton has not answered this simple question and her vague promise to look into providing transcripts seemed disingenuous.

Let’s keep it simple.

Difficult to imagine that she has a truthful non-controversial answer, right? If she had a simple answer, she would have given it, right?

The Wall Street sharks didn’t pay her to criticize their predation.

And they invited her to speak more than once.

Absent transcripts that prove otherwise, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that she stroked their egos and encouraged their plans for global domination in partnership with US foreign and military policy.

What else would the former Secretary of State have been expected to say?

What else would be worth that kind of money?

15 Responses to What did Hillary Clinton tell the Wall Street bankers to earn millions in speaking fees

  1. bettykath says:

    In an interview yesterday, Hillary said she is postponing the decision about release of transcripts until after the NH primary. She’s too busy right now campaigning. Seems to be a reasonable procrastination to see if the demand goes away.

    What happened to all the money raised by Clinton and Bush to help the people of Haiti?

  2. Malisha says:

    The way I see it, it’s strictly personal for me. Whatever Hillary Clinton said to them, they lapped it up. You can BET she said something passive enough, and “stirring” enough, for them to all feel good at the end of the speech and the end of the day. Any large corporation and any government agency can squash me like a bug at any time and nobody would even squeak in protest, so I don’t care what any of the politicians mean to them. Since it’s all about power and power concedes NOTHING, her words to them, and whatever they do in bed, IRRELEVANT. As a candidate: Will Bernie Sanders do more than I want to see done, and resist more that I do NOT want to see done, than HRC? Yeah. So that’s about the depth of my perception.

    On the other hand, I will go to work for Bernie Sanders, even as a volunteer, if he does not become President. If he DOES become president, I’ll spend my retirement gluing little pieces of things onto other little pieces of other things and maybe I’ll watch some TV.

    • anita says:

      Good luck. I cannot believe you think Bernie will ever become pres. Ain’t gonna happen. You guys posting here are almost always so smart, not this time. Get real, you’re all dreaming. We ‘ll end up with trump as pres. Or maybe worse. The GOP will destroy Bernie. They can’t wait for this gift. I have never understood the hatred against the Clinton’s, by our own party. This time, I’m afraid you’ll all regret it. Like I said, get real!!

  3. ed nelson says:

    There was an old saying somewhere…”a young person who has any heart is liberal, an old person with any experience is conservative”, Roughly paraphrased!

    Hillary was the president of the college Republican club in Chicago, where the Rodhams were known as such.

    Now, were you a Republican when your were young?, during the ”formative years ” of the 60’s? Hardly nobody with any consciousness was, unless they were deep closet types! They love to sport those ”penguin suit and tie getups… otherwise half of em would be waring skirts. A bunch of compromised phonies, many, if not most. Easily controllable of course.

    I mean… Then she went and married an Arky con man… The Estimable Mr. B. J. Clinton. and the rest history.

    If she had a good bone in her, she’d be harping… on reinstating Glass Steagall that they dumped for the benefit of unrestrained Wall St. Kleptomania.

    I’ll vote for Bernie, not expecting him to deliver any more than did Hopey Husein Changey Obummer, but because he has a good line of BS, which is, if understated, yet the best thing offered, and he does a service to float those issues and policies, to educate the masses, which is a losing purpose, but a noble one!

    If, OTOH, the Donald is up against Hillary, I do think that he is interesting, for his wild card antics, you wouldn’t necessarily know what to expect, but straining out the dog whistle and wedge stuff, he might not be the worst.

    • bettykath says:

      When I first registered to vote, I registered Republican. The “policy” I was supporting was my grandmother. She was registered Republican. Later, looking further, she was registered Republican because her son was running for local office and you had to be Republican to win. He won, once at least, and then they, the local party, did him dirty. I don’t think he even voted again. Even though I registered Republican I voted for whomever I thought was the best candidate. Since they generally were Democrats, the next time I registered I switched, still voting for the best person for the job, imo. Then, (1991) my awareness of the issues ran deeper. I saw quite clearly that the two parties were working together. The Republican catering to the older white folks, clearly corporate-leaning. The Democrats catering to the younger folks and minorities. But the actions of both parties aided the corporations and hurt the people. I switched again, this time to the Green Party. Now, I’ve joined the majority (an unusual event for me), I’m not registered with any party.

      Bernie is the best candidate imo. He’s weak in foreign affairs but I think he has the judgement to do a better, less violent job, based on the advice of knowledgeable advisers. Let’s hope he selects some good ones, not the same ole, same ole that have us building an empire that most of us don’t want.

    • gblock says:

      The first time that I voted, my husband and I registered as Democrats. We switched and registered as Republicans for a couple of elections, so that we could help out a few moderate Republican candidates (yes, a few of those still existed then!) that we liked. Then we switched back to the Democratic party.

      Bernie is more of a purist, but I think that Hillary is likely to be more capable of getting some of her agenda passed than Bernie, plus she is knowledgeable in more areas than he is.

      Trump basically is providing a loud sideshow, which is entertaining to those who like that sort of thing. But he has shown neither the inclination nor the ability to actually act as president. He would be a disaster if actually elected.

  4. So I always agree you professor, but not on this. Most of her speaking was for the Clinton Global Foundation and I know at least twice had to do with investing in women. I think Hillary is very misquoted and misunderstand in the media. Her policies that she has put forth around extending Frank Dodd and closing loopholes is not friendly to Wall Street corruption and gives conditions for banking breakups, but spans a lot further to how money is traded and funded today, not a decade ago. When I did a policy review of the candidates, I became a HRC supporter. Now if Bernie is the nominee, I will vote for him 100 times over before the GOP, but pre Convention voting, she has mine.

  5. bettykath says:

    In a nutshell, FLOTUS Hillary knew how bad the bankruptcy bill was and convinced President Clinton to veto it. Senator Clinton voted for the same bill because the bankers were her constituents. She screwed the rest of the people in NYS. Apparently their votes weren’t enough to balance out the money she got from the bankers. She is bought and paid for. So, is Bernie, but his money is from the people and he seems to know what the people, not the bankers, want.


  6. elcy says:

    Here’s the only example of her speeches I’ve seen so far. Doesn’t seem like much ‘ego-stroking’ to me:

    “Investing in women is…the smart thing to do” Hillary ClintonBy biancardi
    Saturday Feb 06, 2016 · 11:16 AM CST
    http://www.unfoundation.org/So, you want to know a flavor of what Hillary speeches could have been about? How about promoting women entrepreneurs globally? We know that when women are empowered in developing countries, those countries have better educational opportunities, better benefits for children, child mortality rates go down, and so many better and wonderful opportunities are made available. I know, it’s women and children stuff.

    I suggest reading the UN Women’s article on economic empowerment:


    Now enjoy Hillary Clinton’s speech. I did.

    Yeah, and she was asking those big wigs for money. As in to invest in women entrepreneurs.

    many thanks to bahaba for finding this video.


  7. Two sides to a story says:

    I’ll look into it, she sez. Bwa-ha-ha!

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