Cliven Bundy wants to join the party

Yesterday a federal grand jury indicted the Bundy brothers. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports,

Nevada brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy and 14 others have been indicted by a federal grand jury in the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon.

All 16 defendants — including four protesters still holed up at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns — have been charged with a single felony count of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States.

Both Bundy brothers, the sons of anti-government Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy, are being held without bail and face a Feb. 24 arraignment. Authorities consider Ammon Bundy the Oregon takeover’s leader.

The three-page indictment, unsealed in Portland on Thursday, accuses the defendants of conspiring to “prevent by force, intimidation and threats” employees of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from carrying out their duties at the refuge.

Cliven Bundy apparently wants to join the party. reports,

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy said Monday that the occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge would continue.

In a notarized letter from Clark County, Nevada, Bundy wrote to Harney County Sheriff David Ward that “We the People of Harney County and also We the People of the citizens of the United States DO GIVE NOTICE THAT WE WILL RETAIN POSSESSION OF THE HARNEY COUNTY RESOURCE CENTER. (Malhaur [sic] National Wildlife Refuge).”

The letter was also sent by certified mail to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and President Barack Obama.

“Remove all federal and state policing agents out of Harney County,” Bundy wrote. “Place a Harney County sheriff guard post at the entrance road of the Harney County Resource Center stopping all from entering or exiting, for a time.”

Since a conspiracy consists of agreeing with one or more people to commit a specific crime and then committing an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy, I cannot help but conclude that Cliven Bundy’s letter seals the deal for him.

Here’s hoping the government sets another place at the defense table.

12 Responses to Cliven Bundy wants to join the party

  1. bettykath says:

    Pappy Bundy was arrested when he flew in to join the standoff. His charges are related to the 2014 incident. The FBI has finally encircled the 4 remaining holdouts. They are supposed to give themselves up at 8 am Thursday but it’s not clear what to expect. Could be they won’t turn themselves in unless they are assured that they won’t be charged, but the grand jury has returned indictments for the 4.

  2. Dave says:

    Oregon Public Broadcasting has an interesting story about the Bundy lawyers, suggesting that they might be guilty of ethical violations. I’m wondering whether they could be charged as co-conspirators.

    The article also states that the leaders regularly made a point of avoiding overtly illegal acts (such as driving government owned vehicles), ordering rank-and-file gang members to perform them.

    • bettykath says:

      The lawyers are mainly being accused of “ambulance chasing”, i.e. soliciting clients.

      The Bundy’s still are leaders in the conspiracy to occupy the refuge with force. If they directed others to break additional laws, e.g. theft of vehicles, they are conspirators in those crimes, as well.

      • Dave says:

        I agree with everything that you say.

        In addition to the “ambulance chasing”, though, the article indicates that, before being retained to represent Bundy or other gang members, they offered pro bono legal advice on how to further their crime without performing specific acts which would have been illegal in themselves even without the broader conspiracy.

        Does this make the lawyers part of the conspiracy? I don’t know.

        • Malisha says:

          It is very strange that all the rules are bent, and most bent to the breaking point, when dealing with this crowd of white terrorists. I remember a case (can’t remember this lawyer’s name but I think she was disbarred and prosecuted) in which some non-white terrorists had a lawyer who was FIRST not permitted to even meet with her clients and then, when she DID, was punished for having carried a message to someone from her clients. And HER clients were being denied the right to communicate with the outside world (QUITE difference from the Y’all-Qaeda situation).

          Professor, can you remember who she was and what occurred? I do know that there was NO suggestion that she had been in on the crime itself; I think she was appointed to represent them long after they were charged.

          I would think that if the lawyers met with the criminals while they were IN THE PROCESS of committing the crimes, and ON THE PROPERTY of the VICTIMS of the crime, that they should be, by the Canon of Ethics, unable to represent them for the simple reason that they are material witnesses and may be subject to being called by the defense!

    • Dave says:

      Here are the lawyers explaining to The Oregonian how they attempted to cover their butts from “ambulance chasing” charges.

      They don’t mention what was said at the refuge but, seeing that they had not yet been retained to represent anyone, I suspect that they could be called as witnesses.

      Your opinion, Professor?

  3. Malisha says:

    I actually believe he probably was behind a lot, if not most, of the activities in Oregon, starting with the influx of his sons and their groupies into Harney County before the Malheur “take-over.” (It was not actually a take-over but an armed attack.)

    I must say, however, that his delusional thinking (that he can order people around because he is actually the REAL decider, no matter what the subject matter or the jurisdictional niceties might appear to be from anyone else’s standpoint) was greatly enhanced by the feds having allowed him to put his foot on their (read “our”) necks in 2014. Whereas it might not be fair to suddenly treat him as if he is just another American whose rights are tempered by responsibilities, and who has no special immunities based on his own presumptions of his own sovereignty-in-glory, that SHOULD be what the rest of us downtrodden unconstitutionally-depraved-on-accounta-we’re-deprived Americans INSIST ON.

    Arrest Cliven Bundy NOW.

    • I agree that he knew and supported the plan to occupy the wildlife refuge. So, yes, he should be indicted and his letter was an invitation to be included at the party.


    • racerrodig says:

      “…….his delusional thinking….” is putting it very mildly. Where these nut jobs come up with their logic from is……well, there is no actual logic involved, just delusions & misconceptions.

  4. bettykath says:

    Sounds fair to me. Daddy raised his boys so should suffer the same fate. Hope they all do time. Should have happened when they prevented the BLM from collecting their herd in partial payment of the grazing fees. Since these are federal charges, it would be nice if there were a 2nd charge added.

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