Why I hate capitalism

The Los Angeles Times reports,

he hunt for a deadly superbug that sickened 22 patients at a Dutch hospital began just before noon on a spring day in 2012.

Inside a lab in the tiny hamlet of Zoeterwoude, a technician carefully peeled back the tip of a state-of-the art medical scope. Watching him intently was a small group of hospital officials and executives from Olympus Corp., the maker of the device.
A 2012 inspection by Olympus and Dutch hospital officials revealed a brown film inside a duodenoscope. (Arjo Loeve / Delft University of Technology)

The Olympus technician found trouble right away. He spotted a brown, grimy film inside parts of the flexible, snake-like scope — parts that were supposed to be sealed. A rubber ring designed to keep bacteria out was cracked and worn. The same bacteria that had sickened the patients were found on the scope.

An investigator hired by Olympus and the hospital concluded that the scope’s design could allow blood and tissue to become trapped, spreading bacteria from one patient to another. In his report, he called on Olympus to conduct a worldwide investigation and recall all its scopes if similar problems turned up.

Over the next three years, 21 people died and at least two dozen more became ill from infections related to scopes in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Los Angeles. An unknown number of other patients have been infected. The Food and Drug Administration has identified 10 outbreaks, seven of which involve Olympus scopes.

Instead of acting responsibly, Olympus concealed the truth and killed people.

12 Responses to Why I hate capitalism

  1. Malisha says:

    Since corporations are persons, they have First Amendment rights. But they do NOT have First Amendment responsibilities.

  2. bettykath says:

    Should they really hurt their bottom line? Think about it. If they do a recall it’s expensive today and they hurt their brand which is expensive in lost sales. $$$$$ down the crapper and their bottom line just might go red. omg. Not in the good ole USA where $ is king, queen, and full of progeny. [sarcasm]

    • bettykath says:

      Actually, everyone who got sick and died after they were made aware of their dirty scopes should be a negligent homicide count. Real people made the decision to hide their culpability, real people should go to jail.

      • They cause more harm than all the serial killers put together.

      • ed nelson says:

        That’s all well and good, but when they go to pin it on the bastards, they will discover the ”company” is just another ”False Front” mainly owned by… (”the Too Big to Prosecute” guys, or, Hedge Hogs, or Capitolist financial gamers.
        I mean… ”too big to prosecute… for the AG, what a wuss!

        Give ’em some more Bailouts, and Bailins… wonderfull!

        Even the so called “inventers of stuff are fakes, and get the plans from public funding, ie Universities, gov. etc. Some say.

        • One big shell game where rich people get richer at our expense and hide from responsibility for the harm they cause.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          That insults dear cute hedgehogs!

          • ed nelson says:

            Sorry, that must have been some kind of (subterranian) Freudian slip. Let the little guys sleep for a couple a more months… till about February!

            PS: If there is a quality product or service anywhere left, it must be on a list of properties being sought by acquisition by financial operatives who use technics to annex or buy out or greenmail or run out of town, any of them typs…

            That is a principle in Econ 1a: ”Bad money chases out good money”.

        • gblock says:

          Some of the difficulties of prosecuting include not only figuring out what actual persons are responsible for the decision, but the fact that they are probably living in Europe.

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