Jury convicts Philip Chism of first degree premeditated murder and aggravated rape

I expected this verdict because the evidence of premeditation was overwhelming. For example, Chism brought a ski mask, gloves, and box cutter to school the day he assaulted her in the women’s bathroom and slashed her throat with the box cutter.

The evidence of premeditation overwhelmed the defense effort to present an insanity defense. The evidence of premeditation established that he knew what he was doing and the evidence of his effort to conceal his identity and conceal her body in the nearby woods established that he knew that he had violated the law.

The jury properly acquitted him of a second count of aggravated rape based on what he did to her in the woods because she was dead. The proper charge would have been abuse of a corpse.

Chism will return to court on December 22nd to schedule a sentencing date.

Meanwhile, Chism faces a second trial in nearby Suffolk County where he is accused of attacking a female Department of Youth Services worker in June 2014. That case is scheduled to begin next Wednesday.

The Colleen Ritzer rape murder is an extremely disturbing case and Philip Chism is an extremely disturbed young man.

9 Responses to Jury convicts Philip Chism of first degree premeditated murder and aggravated rape

  1. FYI: The jury was unable to reach a verdict on any of the four counts against Officer William Porter in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore. Judge declared a mistrial.

  2. The trial of the second matter in Suffolk County has been continued to February 11th for a status conference.

    According to the Boston Globe,

    While awaiting trial for Ritzer’s murder in 2014, Chism, who was being held at a Department of Youth Services facility in Dorchester, allegedly followed a woman clinician to the bathroom and attacked her from behind.

    Chism, according to Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley’s office, grabbed the woman by the throat, stabbed her with a pencil, and punched her repeatedly in the face and head. The woman screamed for help, and co-workers rushed to her aid, ending the assault.

    • Malisha says:

      So why was he free, afterwards, to commit rape/murder?

      • He wasn’t free. He assaulted her while he was locked up in Juvy.

        • Malisha says:

          I mean, why was he free to kill Ritzer. It would seem to me that someone who had already committed such extreme violence against women would have been in at least a facility for the criminally insane!

          • Unless you know something that I don’t, Ritzer was the first act of extreme violence that he committed against a female.

          • Malisha says:

            Oh, I had the wrong info and I just checked it. He was in Juvenile BECAUSE he was awaiting his murder trial for killing Ritzer. So you are correct, killing Ritzer was his first severely violent act that we know of. He may have committed violence against another student before but there’s no solid info. about that available.

          • OK, good. We’re on the same page.

            BTW, the second assault that happened when he was in custody likely means he will be spending most of his time in solitary.

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