Inspector Donald Clouseau Trump solves San Bernadino mass murders

14 dead and 21 wounded . . .

Well on his way to Making America Great Again, Donald Trump continues to amaze. Armed with an I-am-the-greatest opinion of himself, he regularly announces simple solutions to vexing problems. Hell, yes, we’re going to torture suspects for information, even if it doesn’t yield reliable information. We’re going to do it because they are bad people who did bad things and they deserve it. You bet we’re going to kill the families of ISIS jihadists because that’s the only way we’re going to defeat them and make America great again.

Yesterday, Trump disclosed that he has another impressive skill. He’s a mind reader. He told reporters that Syed Rizwan Farook’s mother and sister “knew what was going on” inside the apartment in which he and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, stored an arsenal of guns, bullets and homemade pipebombs. How does he know that? He watched her interview.

Do these statements mean that if he were president he would order the FBI to arrest, waterboard and kill Syed Rizwan Farook’s mother and sister to defeat ISIS and make America great again?

Think about it.

17 Responses to Inspector Donald Clouseau Trump solves San Bernadino mass murders

  1. bettykath says:

    Pistorius granted bail of less than $700 to maintain his house arrest until sentenced for murder. He will appeal to the Constitutional Court.

  2. Trump gets worse with each speech and appearance and he’s still standing. Bizarre.

    By the way, two of my family members were returning home from a weekend out-of-state yesterday. They were in a terminal at Phoenix Sky Harbor when a Muslim man began his mid-afternoon prayers. Some redneck types started shouting “sand nigger” at him, telling him he “should go back where he came from.” Two traveling US soldiers stood between the man and the rednecks to block their view and to allow him to finish his prayers.

    This is Trump’s America. Even Bush and Cheney had far more sense about Islam and terrorism than Trump, something else that’s hard to absorb.

    • Cheney condemned Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims.

      (Gasp! I never dreamed that I would favorably regard something Cheney said)

      • bettykath says:

        omg, Cheney has a tiny bit of conscience? btw, Trump is no Clouseau. Clouseau was funny while being incompetent, Trump is not funny in his incompetence.

        • anita says:

          OT, on a lighter note. We loved the pink panther movies when we were kids. We would just roll on the floor laughing. When I saw this title, a “uuuuuuge” smile came over my face. What carefree days & times, but, I get your comparison. Trump Sucks!!!!!! Time for a glass or two of wine.

  3. girlp says:

    Can’t Trump be deported or something the fascist has gone beyond being annoying. He gets too much air time

    • He’s extremely dangerous. He’s following in Hitler’s footsteps stirring up the hate obsessed right against a targeted religious group that cannot defend itself.

      • girlp says:

        RomanI(Gypies), the mentally ill, anyone that did not fit the Arayan ideal Hiltler killed or imprisioned. Trump is the same, anyone he precives as weak and does not worship at the throne of THE DONALD. What will he do when he realized he won’t be able to host a huge lighted sign ‘THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE”. He’ll be impeached in less than a year.

  4. bettykath says:

    Trump is doing well in polls:
    * He gets a LOT of free publicity because of what he does to ratings.

    Look at his competition. Imo, Kusich is the only one who makes any sense at all and I don’t like his policies either.

    But don’t lose hope
    * Only Republicans are polled and they are far fewer in number than Democrats. And those who are neither R or D are more than the Rs and Ds together.

    Two Democrats poll at being able to beat any of the Rs, including Trump (It’s closer for Carson, but I expect he’ll be gone from the race, soon)

    My favorite, Dr. Jill Stein, would do better if more people knew about her.

  5. Malisha says:

    It is interesting. I have never been a captain of Industry, I have no money, I have no speech writers, and yet I could say everything Trump says, say it louder (believe it or not), make it sound more stirring, and even, a few times, I could come up with a sound byte that could make a good T-shirt. He’s a free-speech kinda guy, actually pretty close to totally-free, substance-free, content-free-speech. He’s just “blah blah blah hostility blah blah blah I’m-best blah blah blah ME ME ME blah blah blah.”

  6. ed nelson says:

    Ok Professor, I thinked about it and, it boils down to the fact that… the old adage: ” the people get the leaders they deserve/wish for.”

    The popularity of the the show ” 24” where Keifer Sutherland regularly has a blast sticking it to some perp, (from Central Casting… ) with a little torture. There was some other for TV shows too, but in general, the ”folks” out there in TV land, and LaLa land, don’t know the finer points such as that torture is less affective in getting realiable intelilgence info, and is more a revenge item.

    So bottom line: the Decay and rot of the population, gets a leader it resonates with, and reality TV show assholes, are a natural ”spring board” I mean those shows promote the worst instincts, and actually teach the contestents how to be treacherous etc., what a deal!

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