Ben Carson should withdraw from the race because of his ignorance about foreign policy

Ben Carson has demonstrated that he is unqualified to serve as president by doubling down on his erroneous claim that the Chinese are involved in Syria. The New York Times is reporting,

Ben Carson’s remarks on foreign policy have repeatedly raised questions about his grasp of the subject, but never more seriously than in the past week, when he wrongly asserted that China had intervened militarily in Syria and then failed, on national television, to name the countries he would call on to form a coalition to fight the Islamic State.

Faced with increasing scrutiny about whether Mr. Carson, who leads in some Republican presidential polls, was capable of leading American foreign policy, two of his top advisers said in interviews that he had struggled to master the intricacies of the Middle East and national security and that intense tutoring was having little effect.

(emphasis supplied)

The advisers are Duane A. Clarridge, a former CIA official, and Armstrong Williams, a close personal friend. Both men have admitted that despite many intense sessions with Dr. Carson designed to make him smart about foreign policy, he still does not get it.

Given the recent events in Paris and the ongoing devastation in Syria, our country cannot afford a president who doesn’t understand foreign policy.

The time has come for Dr. Carson to withdraw from the race.

11 Responses to Ben Carson should withdraw from the race because of his ignorance about foreign policy

  1. AnonOps7 says:

    Wetiko virus?

  2. bettykath says:

    I think Carson left neurosurgery due to incompetence or burnout or drug addiction. I don’t think he got into the race except for a lark and he was surprised to find out where he ended up in the polls. I was neutral about his intelligence but his inability to master foreign affairs suggests that he is either not very intelligent or he is still suffering from burnout or addiction. Whatever the case, the man is not competent to be holding office at any level.

    • gblock says:

      He has written a couple of books about himself and/or his world view. I’m not sure that this fits in very well with the burnout or drug addiction hypotheses, although it might fit in well with the hypothesis that he wasn’t as good a neurosurgeon as he was made out to be.

    • gblock says:

      Although one idea that occurs to me in regards to the books: could it be that they were largely written by a ghostwriter who wanted to promote him for some reason and Carson agreed to the project in exchange for being listed as the author?

  3. girlp says:

    Ben Carson should write scripts for boring crime shows not run for President

  4. Marilyn says:

    I believe he was a great neurosurgeon- which has no relationship to having qualities necessary to be president of the United States. He says very weird things and is clueless about foreign policy. we already have a president who is clueless about foreign policy, we don’t need another —

  5. Malisha says:

    This phenomenon is so peculiar. Carson is SO FAR OFF. I have almost come to believe the Repugnicans put him up so he could fail extravagantly and give them some “rational racism” defense for future forays against equality in EVERYTHING. OMG I hope I am just suffering from shock. I hope I’m not onto something…

    I began to think this when the Donald-Trump-“no energy” charge emerged. Employing both non-sequitur and loosened associations, Carson responded with an idiotic argument, that he had previously had so much energy that he was a homicidal juvenile delinquent. WTF? Oh Lord Oh Lord.

  6. Emperor’s new clothes kinda guy is right. A successful career in another field does not a world leader make. We’ve observied his propensity to offer falsehoods, deny these, etc. Definitely time to give up the ghost.

  7. Trained Observer says:

    Likely he’s crazy like a fox, going for low-information voters and other clods too stupid to know a pyramid from a grain silo.

    I am beginning to wonder if he was all that talente a neurosurgeon or whether he had a lot of folks covering up his mistakes in the operating room.

    He’s definitely a n Emperor’s New Clothes kinda guy.

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