Utah judge vacates his decision to remove a child from a foster home placement with a married same-sex couple

Oh, what a difference three days can make! Judge Scott Johansen signed an order today vacating an order that he signed on Tuesday removing a nine-month-old baby from the home of foster parents April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce, a married same-sex couple who live in Price, Utah. His first order rescinded an earlier decision by the Utah Division of Child and Family Services to place the child in their home.

Unlike Judge Johansen, who based his initial decision on his prejudice against homosexuals ‘confirmed’ a flawed study which concluded that children do better when they are raised by heterosexual parents, the Utah Division of Child and Family Services based its decision on the suitability of the home as well as the qualifications and child-raising experience of  the two women. Each has a child from their previous marriages whom they are raising together. The outcome-driven study upon which Judge Johansen relied has been criticized by the American Psychological Association because there is no scientific basis to support a belief that gay couples are unfit parents based on sexual orientation.

I have zero respect for Judge Johansen and any other judge, politician or person who disregards the results of evidence-based analysis that reach conclusions with which they disagree.


8 Responses to Utah judge vacates his decision to remove a child from a foster home placement with a married same-sex couple

  1. bettykath says:

    I think we should give the judge credit for changing his mind. Not all judges are willing to reconsider an order based on faulty information. His initial order shouldn’t have been given, but at least he was willing to study further and change his mind. We don’t see enough of this.

    • Malisha says:

      I believe he changed his mind because of pressure, not because of further study. One judge in Maryland changed his own mind once because we discovered that the prosecutor in a jurisdiction he was cozy with had 140 acres of marijuana under cultivation, and we let him know we knew. Suddenly, a quickie investigation into the child’s “best interests” resulted in a return to the non-abusing parent. My My My.

  2. Judges should be better educated . . . just another reason that our justice system needs reform.

    • Malisha says:

      It’s not education, in my opinion. They KNOW that they are exercising their own authority to mess with the lives of others over whom they are given nearly total control. They do what is “wrong” in our society whenever they want to because there is very little downside for them; even if they are appealed and successfully overturned there is no consequence to them. And few people can afford or succeed at appeals. Judges have way way WAY too much discretion. Educating them does no good. The reason this baby was returned to her parents was that there was a big public outcry. Without the outcry, believe me, that child’s life and future would be forfeit to this judge’s outrageous ego.

      • bettykath says:

        Malisha, don’t know how else to contact you. I’ve still, on occasion, gone back to Turley’s blog. Almost all of the sane people have left, or been driven out. It’s now pretty much a total cesspool of bigots, much like that ugly treehouse. Actually, I think that’s where they came from. The language is civil but the content is decidedly not. It moved from expressions showing and ignorance of white privilege to out and out bigotry. I stayed on to sometimes challenge the bigotry and give support to others doing the same, but it’s so bad now that there’s no hope.

        • Malisha says:

          I saw that one coming.
          It’s Turley’s fault. He made himself attractive to those thugs when he took up for poor Fogen who had been victimized by the big bad black terrorist with his skittles. I even suspect Turley of having had some influence in getting the “prosecutors” in FL to become defense counsel for their fave racist murderer. He has his hand in things unseen; I am sure of that.

          I’ll correspond with Professor Leatherman to ask him to give you my e-mail address, if you would like. Just reply to this and I’ll do so. Thanks. Malisha

    • Trained Observer says:

      Judge misjudged his constituency …. apparently thought he’d have more low-information voters and other fools taking his side, approving of his bull . He caved quickly when he saw his error.

      Off topic: Was pleased to see Hillary Clinton mention the Jordan Davis case and Trayvon Martin on Saturday night during the debate. May Michael Dunn be forever in prison and Fogen land in the slammer in the near future.

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